TGIF, 11/20/2015



I’ve been cheating on quilting!  For some reason, earlier this week I had the urge to take out my old cross stitch project.


And I worked a bit on it until my life took over and no craftiness was done at all.  By old, I started working on this project before my daughter was born.  If you want a date – March 1999.  I know because it was when my Grandmother passed away and my family and cousins trekked it over to the Philippines to send her off.  It was a wonderful trip with the family even if it was for sad reasons.  My Grandmother was the sewist in the family.  She worked for Northface in the 70’s and that’s how she got the industrial Juki that I inherited.  She and I used to hang out in our sunroom.  She would sew stuff (curtains, clothes, pillowcases, our hula outfits) while I did homework, or watched TV, etc.  She actually showed me how to use the sewing machine and I tried to make doll clothes and other stuff.  Anyway, before she passed away she came back to visit and she was cross stitching.  She started me on the cross stitching phase.  I did most of the work on this project the first couple of years and then I put it away and I do not remember the last time I touched it.  But right now this is what it catching my fancy and I’ve been making slow progress on it.

I haven’t touched Razzle at all since this weekend when I discovered the issue with the new fabric and laid out the top as I’d like it to eventually be.  It’s sitting by my sewing machine waiting for me to play with it.  I’m still mad at the whole fabric thing so every time I look at it I get a little irritated.  I know! I shouldn’t take it out on the top because it isn’t its fault.  ;0  I plan to work on it this weekend at the Sew In tomorrow.

In the meantime, happy Friday everyone!  Tonight I’ll be watching a play at the girls school and I’m sick.  I feel a little better than yesterday but after last night’s lost (Clipper v. Warrior game), I’m under the weather! ;0


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  1. Thanks for sharing those special memories with your grandmother. I’m glad you are working on this. It’s the time of year to reconnect with our past, as well as hope for the future.

  2. Your cross stitch is beautiful. I especially like the old-fashioned aspect of this particular one — even though it can look very modern, too.

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