Weekend Line Up

The girl is going to a quinceanera this evening and I’m the honored one to drive her to the event.  I assume the hubby will pick her up after but I’m not yet sure.  Tomorrow we’ve made plans to meet with a friend for lunch and catch up.  Between those two things, all I’m going to do is quilt and craft! 🙂

First thing on my to do list is:

Hampton Ridge – On Thursday’s list, I needed to attach border #4.  I’ve got 3 of those borders on so I only have the 4th border left and that quilt top will be finished! woohoo!

The next items on my to do list are:

Cross Stitching – I was able to work on it a bit the last couple of nights so I just need to work a bit more on it.  Half of the letter “E” is now complete and almost all of the left side of the embroidery is complete.  I hope to get the “E” and the left half of the embroidery done this weekend.

Take pictures of Hampton Ridge and Tell It To The Stars!

Scrapitude – Trim the back and get it on the frame.  Do you mark before it’s on the frame or after?


Scrapitude 2015 6/8/2015

Scrapitude 2015

Here’s the rest of the stuff on my to do list for the weekend right now.  I hope to get to this list tomorrow.

  1. piece the blocks of Raining Cats and Dogs
  2. Get some knitting done.  Same as cross stitching although I’m not as sad about this one. 🙂
  3. Start the hand work for A Rainbow Garden
  4. And if the stars line up nice, I may get my act together enough to get some scrapbooking in to.


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  1. Mark? Mark what? Your quilting design? I never marked those. I just freehanded, though I did think through where I wanted to go with each step of the way. =)

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