Cross Stitch, My weekly update

Progress!  I was able to spend some time this week on my project and I’m happy with the progress I’ve made so far.  I’ve learned a few things too…

  1. when finishing up a string, don’t trim it so close to the project.  They tend to pop out over time.
  2. bury the ends when you are done with the string and then trim.  that way the back looks nice and clean and the threads don’t pop out from the front.  (too late for this project)
  3. just keep going, one floss at a time.

Here’s what it looked like last time the picture came through:

Cross Stitch Welcome Project 2/16/2016

Cross Stitch
Welcome Project

Here’s what it looks like now..

"Welcome" Cross Stitch Project 2/27/16

Cross Stitch Project

I finished the embroidering the details on the left side and the letter “E” in Welcome.  Next step is to get the right border completed and work on the details of the right side.



My Goal for 2016 for cross stitching is to get the “welcome” project done and get started on my farm piece.

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  1. My favorite framer always preferred the floss be run under, and then at least a half-inch tail be left. That way he could really pull during blocking and shaping and not have to worry about ends pulling out, and he’d trim them down after. I do that normally now; it’s habitual for me to hold any ends out of the way if I need to as I do the next few stitches, or stitch the tail down if I’m continuing with the same color.

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