This week’s line up, Week 14


Wow, my list is pretty similar to last week.  What did I do last week?  Whew.  I know this weekend I’ll be spending today with my parents.  It’s their last day here and I’m not sure what time they will be leaving so I plan to just dedicate this time to them. Then tonight, the hubby and I will be going out with friends.  We’re trying out a new place so hopefully the music is good.  I’ve heard good stuff so I’m sure it will be fun. Tomorrow, I’ll probably spend the day recuperating.  All of this to say, I will probably not get much done on my list this weekend.  I’m just rolling over last week’s list to this week!

Here’s my plan this weekend, a simple list to help me!

  1. Scrapitude, 2015 – Binding!
  2. Celtic Solstice – press the remaining Block A’s and continue working on Block B.  Maybe I can get all of the first rows of all the blocks done.
Celtic Solstice Block B Top row 10 completed 3/21/2016

Celtic Solstice
Block B
Top row
10 completed

  1. knit – just another couple of rows
  2. cross stitch – just a bit
  3. Cut 31 yellow strips for the strip club of SFVQA – due 4/11
  4. hand work – A Rainbow Garden – keep working on the petals on the current block.



Health Update: I didn’t get to go to yoga last week and my diet took a nosedive.  I’ll need to spend some time this weekend cutting up veggies and prepping for next week.  If I take the time over the weekend to do this, I’m much more likely to eat better during the week.

Have a great quilty Saturday!


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  1. I think your comment at the end is the key to not over eating. I hope you had a great day with your folks. You can always quilt next week! I don’t know if I mentioned it before, but I love the wool block.

    • Thanks Susan! I was able to get the veggies all prepped and that helped with making sure I had lunch each day. It also helped me eat more veggies at dinner time. 🙂

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