2016 Goals – March/April update

I’m not sure I got that much done in March.

#1 – Get 6 quilts done in 2016

Quilt #1  – Tell It To The Stars – finished 2/20/2016

Quilt #2 – Scrapitude,2015 – this is now all quilted and I just need to trim and bind it. ==> Almost done!  I only have about a yard left of binding and I’m hoping to get this done this weekend. 

Quilt #3 – Moon Glow – the backing is done and will be the next thing I put on the frame to quilt.  First I don’t plan to put this on the frame until April.  There’s no rush to get this done and I’ve got other things on my to do list for March.  So with that in mind, there are some things I need to do to prepare getting this on the frame to quilt.  I need to put some test fabric, batting, and backing and test the thread I want to use.  When I first started quilting Scrapitude I had problems with the first set of threads I used.  I bought particular thread for this quilt so I think I’ll need to play with it and adjust settings if I have any problems before I get the quilt on the frame. ==> I haven’t done this yet.  I’ve been concentrating on binding Scrapitude. I’ll work on getting a sample on the frame and testing the thread and such this month (April).  My goal for April will to get ready for quilting Moon Glow and maybe even get it on the frame. 

Quilt #4 – Hampton Ridge – this is in queue. I still need to get the backing and label ready for this. But I will not get going on this until Moon Glow is being quilted.

Quilt #5 – Raining Cats and Dogs – I plan to get the borders on this month.  Then when Hampton Ridge is being quilted, I’ll get the backing together for it. ==> I got border #1 done but still need to do border #2.  This is on my April to do list. 

Quilt #6 – Celtic Solstice – I pulled out Celtic Solstice and was able to get all the Block As done.  Now I need to press them and figure out what the next step is. ==> I was able to press most of the Block A’s but I still have a handful to do.  I did get started on the Block B’s so I’m working on these. 

#2 – Continue to count my stash, with a true effort to not add fabric on a whim.  

For March, my goal is to continue to not add to my stash.  I’m in the black for once and I’m loving it.  With all the quilts coming up to be quilted, I’m hoping I’ll be able to stay in the black. ==>I bought fabric this month and I’m happy I was able to stick to a fabric diet for as long as I did.  I’m still in the black so it was okay. 

#3 – Create a hobby budget a stick to it!  

Since QuiltCon I’ve been good.  I only spent $62 in the month of March.  Woohoo!  So as of 3/31/16, I’ve spent $2627.43.  My budget for the year is $3,000 so I only have $50 a month to spend the rest of the year.

#4 – Knit weekly

My goal for March is to work a bit each week on the Rosie Hat.

==> I only worked on this twice this month.  I’m almost done.  I’m done with the body and I am starting the decreases.  

#5 – Cross Stitch weekly

My goal for March is to get the right border done.



Welcome Project 3/31/2016

Welcome Project

==> I didn’t get the right border done but I work on this project regularly each week so I’m happy with my progress.  

#6 – Scrapbook

For March, grab one of the project boxes and start working on it.

==>  I haven’t done anything on this.  It’s time and that everything is stored so nicely right now.  I do not know where to start but when I do, I’ll be taking things out and then I’ll have to put things back again.  It will take so much effort right now.  I know that once I get started it will not take as much effort to keep doing it.  Just like with Cross Stitching and knitting.  It took a lot of time to get my stuff out and organized before I got in the groove.  Now I cross stitch every week, mostly once but if the mood hits I’ll take it out 2-3 times.  Knitting is easy to get to and I don’t take it out to just do as often but I can easily do it.  Scrapbooking right now feels harder and I’m not sure what I need to get back into it. 

Here’s a link to my original 2016 Goals.

Here’s to a great year!




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    • Thanks Susan! Sometimes its hard to keep going on the same projects but I’m so happy I kept at it. Like you, listing all the goals each month helps keep me on track too.

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