Stash Report – Week 27, 2016

I’m back!  Just arrived late last night and I’m up early.  I will take some time today to unpack and organize myself but first, the numbers:

For the fabric stash:

As I mentioned in a previous post I bought 2 yards while on vacation!  I’m so extremely happy with myself for not buying a lot but it wasn’t my diligence that saved me.  I really was anticipating purchasing a lot, buying a new suitcase and pay for checking it in.  But the first two shops I visited were nice but didn’t carry a lot of fabric selection.  The third shop was nice and I bought a yard but they had a better yarn selection so I bought some yarn instead.  The fourth shop had great fabric but the employees didn’t even acknowledge my entrance or me wandering around the shop.  I saw a lot of fabric I could have gone home with but I was so irritated by the lack of customer service that I just bought one yard.  Why should I give good money to support a shop when they couldn’t even deign to say hi to me.

  • Used this week: 0 yards
  • Used year to date: 34 yards
  • Added since last report: 2 yards
  • Added year to Date: 27.375 yards
  • Net USED for 2016: 6.625 yards

For the Budget:

Total spent while on vacation for my quilty/knitty fixation was a mere $98.39.  Most of it was on yarn.  Here’s the damage:

Spent since last report: $98.39

Spent year to date: $3,516.10

For the yarn stash:

I added yardage to my yarn stash but it’s still in a bag somewhere.  Today’s goal is to unpack and get things organized.  Once I do I’ll need to update this report. 🙂

Used this week: 0 yards

Used year to date: 300 yards

Added this week: 0 yards

Added year to date: 0 yards

Net Used for 2016: 300 yards

And for Slow Stitching Sunday with Kathy at Kathy Quilts, I plan to work on A Rainbow Garden again today!  Here’s what it looked like the last time I posted a picture:

A Rainbow Garden Block 5 unfinished 6/19/2016

A Rainbow Garden
Block 5

Here is how it looks now:

A Rainbow Garden Block 5 unfinished 7/3/2016

A Rainbow Garden
Block 5

Until next time…



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~Have a quilty week!



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  1. Gee the shop that did not even greet sounds exactly like the crappy service we have at our local shop! I won’t shop there anymore and drive 30 minutes north to a large fabric shop that has a better selection and is friendly!

  2. I had the same experience once in a shop not too far from my home. I even gave it a second chance….same thing! I will never go there again or look at her booth at quilt shows. She made me feel like like crap (sorry!) and I won’t let her make me feel like that again.

  3. Customer service is imperative for me. If you ignore me, I will not support you. At least say hi and ask me if you can help or just want to browse. Unfortunately, I don’t have any friendly local quilt shops. Even the local yarn shop can be chilly unless you are making a significant purchase. Your stitching is very pretty by the way. Love the flower.

  4. Poor customer service is a big turn off when I’m looking for fabric. Hope you got in your slow stitching time this weekend.

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