WIP Wednesday – 7/20/2016

  Happy Wednesday!

Have Yourself a Quilty Little Christmas! block 1 7/20/16

Have Yourself a Quilty Little Christmas!
block 2

Here’s the second block for Have Yourself a Quilty Little Christmas.  It takes a lot longer than it looks.  I plan to get a block a week finished since we get 4 blocks per month.  I’m already a month behind so I’m trying to get 2 blocks a week finished until I catch up.  Since it took me a couple of hours to finish this block I’m not sure I have the patience to do 2 blocks a week.

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~Here’s to a great week!


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  1. Keep plugging away. I am so BAD at quilt alongs that I quit doing them. Then I got a brilliant idea to do my own block of a month from a book. Got about 3 blocks done and then other things took precedence… so no new Christmas quilt for over 2 years. Sigh. So, I’ll be your cheerleader — keep working on these blocks!

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