2016 Goals – August


My OMG goal for August is to quilt Hampton Ridge.

Hampton Ridge Finished Top 2/27/2016

Hampton Ridge
Finished Top

#1 – Get 6 quilts done in 2016

Quilt #1  – Tell It To The Stars – finished 2/20/2016

Quilt #2 – Scrapitude,2015 ==> finished 4/3/2016

Quilt #3 – Moon Glow – finished 7/30/2016

Quilt #4 – Hampton Ridge

Quilt #5 – Raining Cats and Dogs – top was finished on 4/9/2016.  Now that I’m done with Moon Glow! 🙂 I plan to hand quilt a bit of this every day.  I’m still working on the cream colored quilting thread.

Quilt #6 – Celtic Solstice – continue to piece bits as leaders/enders.

Quilt #7  – Missing Ivy – finish step 14

Quilt #8 – LQS 2012 BOM “Provence” – Continue working on the alternative block.

#2 – Continue to count my stash, with a true effort to not add fabric on a whim.  

#3 – Create a hobby budget a stick to it!  

My budget for the year was $3,000 and I surpassed it.  I’ve adjusted this goal to simply continue tracking how much I spend on my hobbies.

==> Current crafty spending for 2016 as of 7/30/2016 is $3735.08

#4 – Knit weekly

My goal for August is to get back to working on my purple socks each week.  I really need to work on this more than one weekend each month if I want these done in any sort of time frame.  I’ll change my goal so that I work on this once a week.  I just realized that I still have to do the other sock. ;0

#5 – Cross Stitch weekly

Mama's Bukid 7/28/2016

Mama’s Bukid

Now that the Welcome Project is done, I’m solely working on Mama’s Bukid.  I’m working on this a bit at a time and I’m happy with my progress so we’ll continue doing that.

#6 – Scrapbook


… I’m still the same on this… I want to do some scrapbooking but everything is so nicely put away I’m afraid to take anything out.  I know that all I need is one box and that I’ll use whatever is in that box but … I’m not ready to move this into a place where I can actually work on it regularly.

Here’s a link to my original 2016 Goals.

Here’s to a great year!




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  1. You have really stuck to your quilting finish goals. This is a beautiful quilt. I hope you are keeping all these gorgeous things. That Mama’s Bukid has come a long way since you picked it up again.

  2. I love this quilt. I have seen it before and felt i would love to make this quilt. It is beautiful. congratulations on sewing as far as you have.
    Kathleen Mary

  3. Hampton Ridge is wonderful! I hope you made good progress with quilting it this month. I track spending for fabric but not for notions/patterns/books/etc. Last year I used more than I acquired, but this year: hah!

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