WIP Wednesday – 08/03/2016

  Happy Wednesday!

Spooky Halloween Row 2, Block 1 ...in progress... 8/3/16

Spooky Halloween
Row 2, Block 1
…in progress…

Last week I was able to piece down all the pieces I prepped so I prepped the next set of pieces.  I’ll be working on these over the next few weeks.  Hand applique is a slow process but I enjoy it.  I’ll machine applique when the pieces are larger.

Yesterday, we made the trek over to Vegas to enjoy our summer before the kids go back to school next week.  I can work from my hotel room for a few hours every morning and do family stuff in the afternoon.  We left the house at 5am and made it to the state line by about 9:45.  I had a conference call at 10:30 so while the kids played at the arcade I bunkered up in the car with my laptop and my phone.  Then we drove the final hour to BabyStacks to have some red velvet pancakes.  I love them!  The girl and I shared because the plate comes with 6 midsize pancakes.  More than enough for one person.  Then we went to UNLV to check out the school and buy some Rebels paraphernalia.  None of us are UNLV alumnus but we had fun hanging out a few hours while we waited for the right time to check in.




It was hot!  Not sure the kids would like to go here when the time comes but it was a nice visit.

And here’s our view from one of the windows in our hotel room:



I brought my handwork with me so I’ll be working on them during our time here.

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  1. Enjoy that vacation time and time to stitch. What a great view from the windows. I used to visit Reno more than LV, and the university in Reno had a super space show and dome presentation of stars and constellations. I hope you found something half that interesting at UNLV.

  2. I’ve been known to take my featherweight machine with me traveling. Might as well put that time to good use and then be happier when out doing family things. We’ve had a very hot summer — but also way too humid to enjoy the outdoors at all.

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