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Spooky Halloween Row 2, Block 1 ...still in progress... 9/5/16

Spooky Halloween
Row 2, Block 1
…still in progress…

Progress on Spooky Halloween: Last week I was loving the applique and the process.  This week I’m frustrated and I’m looking for an easier way to get those tiny green wings/leaves on clearly.  Any ideas?  I’m thinking fusing them on and machine stitching them.


I picked up the 5th row and I can go back to piecing everything I can piece for the 5th row but I’m playing on the new machine.  Yesterday, I was able to set the sew ezi with the new set up and I got the extra accessory piece too.  Then I got the new machine in it and started playing with it.  I spent the remaining bit of time getting the borders on to Missing Ivy.  While I was getting everything organized with the stuff for the new machine, I looked for my leftover fabric for Hampton Ridge.  I couldn’t find it.  I know it’s there somewhere but I didn’t have the energy to do the kind of searching I new needed to be done.  It’s just easier to go buy a yard and help support my favorite LQS. ;0 And… who knows what else I could find.


Here was my list last week:

  • Hampton Ridge – This is my OMG for August and I’ve only got 3 days left to finish it up.  I want to get the last 2 borders quilted and start on the binding.  I don’t think I’ll have enough time to finish it up for August so I’ll have to move this on to my September OMG. … I have this quilted and all that is left is to bind it!  
  • Celtic Solstice – continue to finish more rows of block b as my leaders/enders. … yes… this is being worked on… 
  • Missing Ivy – Get fabric for the borders. … done 
  • Provence – press the blocks and figure out what’s the next step for this. … not done
  • Spooky Halloween … Row 2, block 1 – applique the leaves and bat. … I did one of the leaves.  It’s hard.

So this week, here’s my target:

  • Hampton Ridge – Buy fabric to bind this, and get it on the quilt!
  • Celtic Solstice – continue to finish more rows of block b as my leaders/enders.
  • Missing Ivy – Get the borders on… There are something like 9 borders for this quilt.  Do the first 2 this week.
  • Provence – press the blocks and figure out what’s the next step for this.
  • Spooky Halloween … Row 2, block 1 – try a different method to applique the remaining leaves and bat.

I’m looking forward to a great week!

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Have a great week!


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  1. Those little pieces are challenging, aren’t they? I’d use a glue stick along with an orange stick or stiletto to help you turn those curves (fingers are too big sometimes). This method makes me breathe easier on those little pieces.

  2. I’ve very little experience with applique, so I can’t offer advice. I can tell you how precious this little block is! 🙂 I hope you find a way to work with those tiny pieces! 🙂 Take good care!

  3. It’s cute, even if it’s giving you fits. Fuse and machine stitch was my suggestion. =) You are still getting a lot done as you learn your new machine.

  4. I’m an applique newbie so no help here. 🙂 But I know you’ll get it done and it will look fantastic! (That new machine looks pretty fantastic too!) I hate knowing I have something and then not being able to find it. I’m happy you were able to support your LQS instead. LOL

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