Fabric Tuesday, 9/13/16

Happy Tuesday!

Missing Ivy Border #3 is on.... 6 more left... 9/13/16

Missing Ivy
Border #3 is on….
6 more left…

I normally like to cut my borders on the lengthwise grain because then it is not as stretchy as the crosswise grain. But I didn’t do it in this case.  I was running out of fabric so I cut the best I could to fit the fabric. fabric_grain_drawing

When I did the yellow (border #1) and white (border #2) borders, I forgot to measure along the center of the quilt.  Instead I measured the edge.  Now I’ve got a bit of ruffling and it won’t lay flat.  By the time I got to the blue (border #3), I remembered and I had to do a lot of pinning.  I am hoping it fixes itself as I finish up the remaining 6 borders and whatever is left quilts out.  It’s probably a fool’s wish but I’m not ripping out.  I’m just going to live with whatever happens. 🙂

~Happy quilting!



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  1. If the uneven borders bother you, you may be able to straighten them up with your quilting. I hope you manage to fix it; like you I wouldn’t unpick those seams either!

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