Stash Report – Week 39, 2016

Nothing Added. Nothing Used.  I’m still working on binding Hampton Ridge.  It really is almost done.  I’ve got one side left to do.  I’m hoping that gets done today or tomorrow.  Since it’s football season there’s a good chance I’ll be sitting on the couch and possibly get it done.  So again, no great pictures.

I volunteered for the quilt room tour put on by my guild so I wasn’t able to drive around to see all the studios.  I could have.  I had mapped out everything and was planning on going in the morning before the time I was supposed to volunteer.  But I couldn’t get myself out of the house to drive in 90 degree weather.  Not sure why – I’ve done it for the quilt run.  Actually I know why.  I was mentally exhausted by the week before and I wanted to take some time futzing around the house somewhat by myself.  The boys were out of the house and the girl was catching up on some sleep.  I think I needed that time.  After hanging out, I worked “security” at one of the homes.  And that was fun.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures.  I’m pretty sure I could have but I wasn’t sure about whether I could post it on the interwebs and didn’t ask.  It would have probably been fine.

For the fabric stash:  

  • Used this week: 0 yards
  • Used year to date:  51 yards
  • Added this week: 0 yards
  • Added year to Date: 82.375 yards
  • Net ADDED for 2016: 31.375 yards

For the Budget: 

Spent this week: $0

Spent year to date: $4,262.35

For the yarn stash:

Still haven’t finished my socks yet. 🙂 But I did touch it this past week and knitted one round!  🙂

Used this week: 0 yards

Used year to date: 300 yards

Added this week: 0 yards

Added year to date: 1248 yards

Net Added for 2016: 948 yards

And for Slow Stitching Sunday with Kathy at Kathy Quilts, I plan to continue my work on A Rainbow Garden!  I didn’t get to touch it last week.  So, it still looks the same from last week’s post:

A Rainbow Garden Block 6 progress... 9/11/16

A Rainbow Garden
Block 6
…in progress…

Until next time…

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~Have a quilty week!



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