Maw-valous Monday!

Forget the housework!  I decided to have a crafty Sunday and didn’t do anything other than my creative outlets yesterday.  It was heavenly!  And a much needed break.

Missing Ivy 9/25/16

Missing Ivy

I got two sides up of the pieced border for Missing Ivy.  After I finish getting the top and bottom on I will still have 3 more borders to attach.  Almost done…. yay!

Here was my list last week:

  • Hampton Ridge – Continue to hand stitch the binding.  I am on my third side so I’m hoping that this will get done this week.  … I’m working on that 4th side.  Hopefully it gets done tonight while we’re watching Monday Night Football.  
  • Celtic Solstice – Get more block Bs done! … I have about 10 blocks done and I’m still working on these as leaders/enders.  They’re kind of big for leaders/enders and I have to pin each piece but they’re getting done slowly and I’m loving that.  
  • Missing Ivy – Get the next 2 borders (#5 and 6) on. The borders are already prepped.  I just need to measure, cut, pin, and sew! …I was able to get #5 on and 2 of the sides for #6.  
  • Spooky Halloween … Row 2, block 1 – I’ve got the bat left and the embroidery.  It would be wonderful to be done with this block this week. …I didn’t touch this this week. 
  • Have yourself a quilty little Christmas! – I picked up this month’s kit last Thursday and I wanted to jump on it this weekend.  I didn’t because I had a lot of stuff to do and the bit of crafty time I had I spent binding Hampton Ridge or prepping the borders of Missing Ivy. …I was able to get the first block done for this month’s kit.  It’s not high on my to do list but serves as a nice distraction when I need it.   
  • Provence – press the blocks and figure out what’s the next step for this. …this continues to remain on my to do list and linger around not getting much love.  And it will need to stay that way for awhile.  

So this week, here’s my target (really short this week):

  • Hampton Ridge – Continue to hand stitch the binding.  Finish the last side and get the label on.  This is my last week of September so no more excuses.  This needs to get done!
  • Celtic Solstice – Get more block Bs done! …   
  • Missing Ivy – Get the next 2 borders (#6 and 7) on. I would actually really love it if I could finish this top this week.  With the rate I’ve been going with these borders, it doesn’t look like that will happen but I will shoot for getting all remaining borders on this week.

I’m looking forward to a great week!

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Have a great week!


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  1. I’m glad you took the time. The housework always can wait – it’ll be a day cleaner now. =) The quilt is looking fabulous, and I can’t imagine what extra borders will look like, it looks so complete with that one!

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