2016 Goals – September Update


My OMG goal for September was to quilt Hampton Ridge and it’s done!  Of course, I haven’t had a chance to take a picture of it. 🙁  But trust me, the binding is on.  I kind of figured out how to use the embroidery function of my new machine to do the label and it’s on!  I’ll get some helpers to hold it up over the weekend so I can snap a picture of it.  In the meantime, here’s the same old pic…

Hampton Ridge almost all quilted 8/28/2016

Hampton Ridge
almost all quilted

#1 – Get 6 quilts done in 2016

Quilt #1  – Tell It To The Stars – finished 2/20/2016

Quilt #2 – Scrapitude,2015 ==> finished 4/3/2016

Quilt #3 – Moon Glow – finished 7/30/2016

Quilt #4 – Hampton Ridge – finished 9/29/2016!

Quilt #5 – Raining Cats and Dogs – top was finished on 4/9/2016.  Keep going on the hand quilting.  I’m working on quilting the backgrounds with the cream thread.  My goal is to get the second row done.

Quilt #6 – Celtic Solstice – Get all the third rows pieced for block B.  I only need about 20 more so I hope I can get these done as leaders/enders for other projects.

==> done. All the third rows are pieced and now I’m piecing the actual block B’s together as leaders and enders.

==> I’ve got about 15 or so blocks put together but I don’t think I can continue to use these as leaders and enders.  I did spend some time this week getting the blocks done for Have yourself a quilty little Christmas but by the last block – didn’t feel like pinning the block B’s to use as leaders and enders.

Quilt #7  – Missing Ivy – I ran out of fabric last month and it really put me behind.  So, this month, I need to get more fabric or make a design decision.  Whatever ends up happening, I want this top to be done in September!  I want my OMG goal in October to be to quilt and finish this baby! woot woot!

==> almost done.  I have all the fabric I need to finish the top (I think) so I’m just working on putting the borders together.  The quilt has a total of 9 borders.  I got the first three on and I’m working on getting the next set on.  I actually have all the fabric cut and borders # 5-9 ready to go.  Border #4 is cut but I need to get all the strips pieced together before I can start measuring and cutting and piecing again. I’m working on getting the top done this month.

==> guess what… I didn’t have all the fabric I needed.  I ran out of the yellow/gold fabric again!  So I trekked it over to the not so fave LQS and bought more (at least what I thought was more).  Brought it home, washed it, pressed it and went to cut it when I realized that it was the wrong fabric!  I had to go to the shop again but this time I had the fabric with me to compare.  I washed it with some bit of laundry last night so after work today, I’ll be folding laundry and pressing my bit of fabric.  I hope I’ll have enough energy to start cutting.  I had enough for 2 sides of this border but needed a bit more for the last 2 sides.  I have 1 of those sides on so I can theoretically start piecing the 2nd side once I’ve got time to do so.

Quilt #8 – LQS 2012 BOM “Provence” – I fell off this wagon and I hope that I will have some time the second half of September to get back to this project.

==> I’m concentrating on finishing Hampton Ridge and Missing Ivy so once I’ve cleared my plate a little, I plan to work on this more regularly.

#2 – Continue to count my stash, with a true effort to not add fabric on a whim.  

When I get Hampton Ridge finished, my stash report will be in a good spot.  I think I’ll still be in the red but not by much.  I do need to add to my stash in order to get the borders finished on Missing Ivy but once that top is done, I’ll be able to quilt it and then I’ll be in the black again. 🙂

==> Now that Hampton Ridge is finished, my stash report this coming Sunday will start trending to the black.

#3 – Create a hobby budget and stick to it!  

My budget for the year was $3,000 and I surpassed it.  I’ve adjusted this goal to simply continue tracking how much I spend on my hobbies.

==> Current crafty spending for 2016 as of 8/31/2016 is $3,983.08.

#4 – Knit weekly

I’m going to try watching a football game each week and using that as my knitting time.  I believe we’re still in Pre-Season so I’ll have to figure out what the schedule is.  Hopefully it will fit appropriately.

==> Guess what???  Now that we’re heading into fall I’m starting to work on my sock project again!  Of course, it’s not pre-season anymore and I’m watching a lot of football.  Lately I’ve been using the time to bind Hampton Ridge but I have gotten further along on my sock project this month.  I am about halfway through the foot now.  And then I can work on my second foot.  It helps that I can try it on because I get excited and am wanting to get it done now.

#5 – Cross Stitch weekly

Mama's Bukid 9/01/2016

Mama’s Bukid

I’m almost finished with Row 5.  That will be finished soon so I will try to have Row 6 done in September.

Mama's Bukid 9/15/2016

Mama’s Bukid

==> I finished Row 5 and I’m working on Row 6.

Mama's Bukid 9/25/2016

Mama’s Bukid

And started a new project this month. 🙂

A Rose Fairy 9/25/16

A Rose Fairy


#6 – Scrapbook

I talked with my sister who scrapbooked with me when I was into that and we were talking about doing a weekend retreat where we can work on our crafts.  We thought it would be a great girl thing to do for the ladies in our family.  I think I need to get this on the calendar and let that be my goal for September.

==>  Okay I haven’t gotten this done BUT I am thinking April will be a good time to actually do this.  I need to check with my sister to see if this works for her.

Here’s a link to my original 2016 Goals.

Here’s to a great year!




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  1. Congratulations meeting your goal, love the sawtooth border, and the quilting looks great!

    I admire the soul who gets to look at these blocks each day! (Funny how a pretty quilt gets the bed made so much faster in the morning)

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