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Missing Ivy Still need 2 more borders 10/3/2016

Missing Ivy
Still need 2 more borders

Border #6 and #7 are on!  I had a real good chance to get 8 and 9 on too but ran out of the yellow/gold fabric.  As I said on Friday’s post, I ran out of this fabric.  Went to my not so fave LQS bought a yard of what I thought was the fabric.  Washed it and pressed it and when I got ready to cut realized that it was not the right fabric.  It was the same design but it was more gold than yellow.  So on Thursday I had to go back to my not so fave LQS.  This time I took a strip of the right fabric (which is what I should have done in the first place).  And this time I knew I only needed half a yard.  So it’s on now and this week my goal is to finish up the last 2 borders.

Here was my list last week:

  • Hampton Ridge – Continue to hand stitch the binding.  Finish the last side and get the label on.  This is my last week of September so no more excuses.  This needs to get done! … done!  woohoo! 
  • Celtic Solstice – Get more block Bs done! …  done … not a whole lot of more but I did get more done. 
  • Missing Ivy – Get the next 2 borders (#6 and 7) on. I would actually really love it if I could finish this top this week.  With the rate I’ve been going with these borders, it doesn’t look like that will happen but I will shoot for getting all remaining borders on this week. … done … At least borders #6 and 7 are done.  I still need 8 and 9 to finish the top. 

So this week, here’s my target (I’m continuing to keep it short since I want to focus on Missing Ivy):

  • Missing Ivy – Get the last 2 borders (#8 and 9) on.
  • Celtic Solstice – Get more block Bs done! …   
  • Have Yourself a Quilty Little Christmas – Finish up this month’s instructions.  All the blocks for this month are done but I can start piecing blocks together and continue cutting for the scrappy border.  I just realized that I haven’t posted pictures of Block 2 and Block 3 for this month.  I’ll get that in the upcoming posts for y’all.

I’m looking forward to a great week!

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Have a great week!


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  1. Missing Ivy looks great. Hope you can find time to finish those borders. When I get to that point with a quilt I just want it done!

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