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Missing Ivy Finished top! 10/10/16

Missing Ivy
Finished top!

The top is done!  I’ve been working on the back and bought a boatload of fabric to use.  Got it home, washed and ready to go when I decided to start with the fabric I had and just piece them together.  I’m about half way through getting the back done.  There’s no magic design in the back – just whatever pieces fit together with minimal cutting!  Hopefully it doesn’t end up looking like a hot mess but it’s the back so even if it does, I’m okay with that.

Here was my list last week:

  • Missing Ivy – Get the last 2 borders (#8 and 9) on. ….done
  • Celtic Solstice – Get more block Bs done! …   done
  • Have Yourself a Quilty Little Christmas – Finish up this month’s instructions.  All the blocks for this month are done but I can start piecing blocks together and continue cutting for the scrappy border.  I just realized that I haven’t posted pictures of Block 2 and Block 3 for this month.  I’ll get that in the upcoming posts for y’all. … done

So this week, here’s my target:

  • Missing Ivy – Finish the back, cut the batting, press the back and the top and schedule a time to rent the long arm with the Bernina dealer.
  • Celtic Solstice – Get more block Bs done! …   
  • Have Yourself a Quilty Little Christmas – Pick up this month’s kit.  I’m pretty certain I was wrong last week and I’ve still got one more month of blocks and the November kit is the border.  I’ll need to get a back for this quilt because I do not want to piece it and I’ve already got my eye on the backing. 🙂   I’ll get a back when the top is done.  I am still hoping I can get this done in December.  I’m pretty caught up and the top is put together as much as I could put it together so… As long as I don’t go crazy with the quilting, I’m confident this can still get done this year.
  • Provence – Work on the first round of the alternative blocks.  I’m not sure how many rounds there are and this probably doesn’t make sense right now.  But my goal this week is to get through the first round, take pics and you’ll get what I’m talking about.
  • Spooky Halloween – this project fell by the wayside because the applique kind of bogged me down and I wasn’t seeing a lot of progress on it.  My goal this week is to finish applique’ing the last bat onto block 1 of row 2 and start on the embroidery.

I’m looking forward to a great week!

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Have a great week!


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  1. Love your finish! I think a hot mess makes a great backing. =) You did well last week, and I look forward to seeing you progress this week, too.

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