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Celtic Solstice The sides and bottoms are all done and here it is with all the blocks laid down. 11/28/2016

Celtic Solstice
The sides and bottoms are all done and here it is with all the blocks laid down.

As I get going on this year’s Bonnie Hunter mystery, I’m also finishing up the top from her 2013 mystery quilt.  This still has a few ways to go since I’ve still got the borders to do.  But I’m going to try to make this my first finish of 2017.  Of course, that means I have to do what I plan to do in December. ;0

Last week’s to do list:

  • Celtic Solstice – attach the right sides (5) and the bottoms (4) and the odd one in the corner (1)
    • done!  woohoo… I can feel the finish coming… 🙂
  • Scrapitude 2016 – Okay so I’ve been very good at getting the first step done as my leaders/enders for Celtic Solstice but since I’ve been back I’m slowly running out of one of the needed pieces for the first step.  I’m not sure if I put away the baggie with these pieces (and I’ll need to look around for them) or if I just didn’t cut enough originally (totally possible) or if Charlotte didn’t tell us to cut enough (I don’t think so because she did make updates throughout the progress and I don’t remember seeing her say anything about this particular piece.  So I need to do some research on this one.
    • Okay so I found the little baggy with the missing pieces.  They fell off the side of my sewing table!  I continued to piece these on as my leaders/enders while I worked on other things.
  • Provence – I need to figure out what the next step is.
    • done!  I laid out my blocks and was wondering how I was to cut my side and corner triangles.  I didn’t see the instructions.  I found them with the cutting instructions (so obvious, right?)!  Anyway I posted about my progress and issues here and now I need to piece the rows together and buy another yard of fabric for the side triangles.
  • Area One 2012 Mystery Quilt – do one of the kits
    • done!  I’ll post an update with pics tomorrow.
  • En Provence –  Bonnie’s 2016 Mystery – Retrieve the first clue on Friday and hopefully have time to get started on it!
    • done!  Well, I haven’t finished the clue but I retrieved it and I got started on it! 🙂

So this week, here’s my target:

  • Celtic Solstice – attach pairs of the 4-blocks together. There will be 12 of them.
  • Scrapitude 2016 – continue working on these as my leaders/enders between other projects.
  • Provence – piece pairs together.
  • Area One 2012 Mystery Quilt – now that Bonnie’s mystery started for the season, I’m putting this project on the back burner.  I probably will not get started on this again until after Bonnie’s reveal in January.
  • En Provence –  Bonnie’s 2016 Mystery – work on the first clue and play!
  • Have yourself a quilty little Christmas! – work on the borders.  I picked up the kit when I came back from Colorado but haven’t gotten around to actually doing anything with it.
  • Missing Ivy – I still need to do this but I have to call and schedule time on the long arm.  So that’s the next step.

I’m looking forward to a great week!

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Have a great week!


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