2017 Crafty Plan – February Recap

Here’s an update on what I finished with the rest of my February action items.

  1. quilt Missing Ivy – still not done.  I scheduled this for the last Saturday of the month and I got a bit done on it.  It’s not finished because the machine konked out on me.  🙂  At least it wasn’t because I bailed.  Anyway, I hope to get this done this coming weekend.
  2. Since I’m at a bit of a standstill, I want to go through my quilty closet and reorganize it. = done
  3. Pull out the 2012 LQS BOM Provence and figure out where I am.  Do the next step. = I pulled it out and figured out where I left off.  I started doing the next step but haven’t finished.
  4. Area One Quilter’s Run – Pull out and do one of the blocks. = not done
  5. Continue to focus on the magenta socks and the kimono sweater. = done!  I finished the magenta socks and I’m halfway through the back of the kimono sweater.
  6. Make more drawstring bags = done.  I finished making another pair.
  7. Watch the craftsy class with the zipper pouch and make a zipper pouch. = done.

And here’s my 2017 crafty plan and where Feb’s action plan fit in…

  1. Quilting
    1. Finish 6 quilts
      1. Missing Ivy – to be quilted = STILL NEEDS TO BE QUILTED
      3. Have yourself a quilty Little Christmas – I need to finish the border (and thus the top) and then it will need the backing prepped – I FINISHED THIS TOP IN FEBRUARY.
      4. Raining Cats and Dogs – this needs to be hand quilted.
      5. Provence (2012 LQS BOM) – blocks are done, I need to revisit where I am on this one.  I think I just need to piece the blocks and alternating blocks together. = I PULLED THIS OUT AND I AM READY TO GET THE NEXT STEP GOING.
      6. Area One Quilter’s Run – blocks need to be pieced
      7. Scrapitude 2016 – I am piecing this as my leaders and enders
      8. Asian (2012 LQS BOM #2)
  2. Knitting
    1. Sweater “Kimono” – HALFWAY THROUGH THE BACK.
    2. Socks – 12 for the year.  I currently have 4 on the needles.  I FINISHED 1 – THE MAGENTA SOCKS.
    3. hat – 1 for each family member – I AM WORKING ON JACOB’S BEANIE AND I’M WORKING ON THE DECREASE.
    4. car knitting – Jacob’s beanie
    5. Use yarn stash (which as of 2/15/17, the following are being knitted from stash: 2 socks, Jacob’s beanie, Rikke hat for me or Kayla.)
  3. Cross Stitching – continue working on Mama’s Bukid each week.  At the latter end of last year, I grew tired of the browns and greens that I kept seeing on Mama’s Bukid and started a new project A Rose Fairy.  It’s not on my must do list for this year but I will work on it if I feel the urge to.  Right now, knitting is occupying more of my crafty time so as long as I work on Mama’s Bukid each week I’m happy.    
  4. Bag Making – I’ve been wanting to make bags for awhile.  I think it was one of my goals in 2015.  I want to revisit this again.  I have a bunch of craftsy classes, bag kits, books and patterns.  I think I’ll start with the Craftsy classes (especially the ones I have kits for) and then work on the kits I have.  After that, I’ll try my hand at the books and patterns I’ve got.
  5. Clothes – I want to start learning how to sew garments.  I’m not sure how or where to start so I guess my first step is to find an easy project to start learning on.

And my overarching non-craft specific goals:

  1. use what I have
    1. my fabric stash
    2. my yarn stash
    3. my tools
  2. Get rid of the things that I don’t love anymore
    1. sell
    2. donate
    3. throw away
  3. Watch my spending
    1. only buy things I will use now


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