This week’s POA, 8/7/17

POA – Plan of Action for those who didn’t know.

On 8/1, I posted some very ambitious goals for someone who had lost her crafty sewjo.  I’m slowly getting it back.  I’ve moved everything around in my sewing room (post about that coming soon) and revamped it completely.  I found a lot of things that have been waiting for me to get to so taking the time to finish is high on my list.  As I was preparing this post I realized that this will be a short week for me.  I will be out of town Friday – Monday so a lot of things that I normally do on the weekend will not be happening.  🙁   Oh well, here’s my short list this week.

  1. quilting –
    1. A Rainbow Garden – I will take this project with me on my trip and start appliquing some of the wool pieces.
  2. Knitting –
    1. Kimono” – I will continue to work on this by doing a right and wrong side each day.  I try to go to my LYS at least once a week for knit night and this is my go-to project.  I would like to have the right arm finished this week.
    2. Starting Point Shawl – Like the Kimono, I’m working a row or two on this each day.  I get tired really easy (probably because I do not sleep enough) so by the end my eyes are drooping.   I’m working on the second half of the shawl for Clue #1 and I’d like to get that done this week.
  3. Cross Stitch – work on this weekly.  I believe I’m on Row 10 and I’d like to have Row 10 finished this month. So for this week, I’d like to do my 2 threads that I usually do when I work on this project.  I need to count and see if I’m really on Row 10 cuz it might really be 11 and how many colorways need to be finished before I can move on to the next row.

And because I’m gone this coming weekend, I will not have any time to do anything for my bag making goals or my clothes making goals.  One of my bag making goals was to buy the Teflon foot so I may have some time to go to my Bernina dealer and buy that.

I plan to visit a quilt shop and a yarn shop while traveling so look forward to some enhancements.

~Happy Crafting!


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