Getting my sewjo back… fixing the space where it all happens

Earlier this year, we got rid of our office space (outside of the home) and opted to save money and move everyone virtual.  For me, that meant my sewing room/office became my full-time office.  And part time sewing room.  While I love working from home, every time the weekend and evenings came, I would stay out of this space.  That meant that my happy place was no longer my happy place and I stayed away from that room whenever I was not working.  I decided things weren’t working.  I want to sew again but I was cramped and I had no room to pull things out and craft. I needed a change and I needed to revamp my space so it would once again be a place of joy.

Here’s what it looked like before:


It’s so cluttered and full of stuff.  A couple of weekends ago the hubby promised to help move out the big entertainment center and move another piece of heavy furniture in its place.  Since he agreed to do that I didn’t see any harm in just changing the whole room around.  To help with the change, I moved everything out.

And here’s my room rearranged:


It’s still a work in progress.  There is a bunch of stuff cluttered around that I need to organize better and I’ve still got a lot of stuff waiting to be put away in my living room.  But I also got rid of a lot of stuff (thrown away, to be sold, or to be donated).  But I’m much happier now with it the way it is.  And I hope as I continue to craft and work in here I will find other ways to make it better.

~happy crafting!


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