Happy Labor Day!

The plan for today is to spend some time in my craft room!

Last’s weeks task and accomplishments:

  • Quilting –
    1. Secret Project: hand bind 1 side of my secret project – DONE
    2. Raining Cats and Dogs – hand quilt once this week – NOT DONE
    3. A Rainbow Garden – hand applique on Sunday – DONE
    4. Civil War Diary Quilt – do a block – NOT DONE
  • Knitting –
    1. Kimono – finish the stockinette part of the left sleeve. – NOT DONE BUT I’M HALFWAY THROUGH.  I DIDN’T REALIZE HOW MANY ROWS THE STOCKINETTE PART REALLY WAS.
    2. August Socks – Central Park – finish the toe and weave in the ends. – DONE
    3. Starting Point – I have 10 rows left of the first clue.  I’d like to get these last 10 rows finished this week. – DONE
  • Cross Stitch –
    1. Finish Row 11 – DONE
  • Bag Making –
    1. Maxwell Bag – wrap the fabric around the handle – IT’S WRAPPED BUT I STILL NEED TO SEW IT SHUT.  IT’S CURRENTLY PINNED.

      Final Step – somehow get the cord into the fabric tube

  • Clothes Making – figure out where I am in the pajama pants and finish it. – NOT DONE

My List for next week:

  1. quilting
    • Secret Project #1 – bind 2nd of 4 sides
    • A Rainbow Garden – Work on this for Slow Stitch Sunday
    • Raining Cats and Dogs – Hand quilt this. My goal for the month is to do all of the cream quilting for the third row.
    • Civil War Diary Quilt – do one block
  2. Knitting
    • Kimono sweater – Finish the stockinette part of the left sleeve
    • Starting Point Shawl – knit 2 rows per day
    • Q Train Socks – finish the ribbing and get started on the leg
  3. Cross Stitch
    • Mama’s Bukid – finish 2 colorways this week in Row 12
  4. Bag Making
    • Maxwell Bag – cover the handles
  5. LAFS
    • Pajama Pants

~Happy Crafting!


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