Saturday Musings and another bag class

This weekend is a chock full of classes.  This month is a chock full of classes.  First a few months ago I signed up for my quilt guild’s September workshop on embellishments.  I signed up soon after the quilt show and was highly motivated to take classes on any hand work I could get my hands on.  That class is tomorrow and I’m still very excited to take it, I just wish I didn’t have two classes this weekend.

The second class is the monthly bag class I’ve been taking.  When I took the August bag class the September class had not yet been scheduled but that soon changed.  My calendar on my bujo is Sunday through Saturday so when the class was scheduled for 9/9, I immediately signed up.  I didn’t realize that my other class was the following Sunday.  Oh well.  Even if I had known, I would have signed up for the bag class anyway.  I’m really enjoying the classes.  I just wish I had time to do more bags outside of the class to fully learn the techniques.

And I have a third class scheduled for next Saturday, the 16th.  I can’t remember exactly what I signed up for but I believe it’s on the same lines as hand work and embellishments.  These are the things that interest me lately and the techniques I want to learn, practice and develop.

On a side note, my secret project is bound and the next step is to label and wash it.  I’ll add that to my to do list for this coming week.  Since it’s a secret I can’t post pictures until some future date.  Sorry!

~Happy Saturday Stitching!


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