Saturday Musings

It was a tough week.  It generally is the first week of the quarter. I’m pretty swamped with quarterly tasks and I’m generally waking up too early, working too late and dealing with everyone who wanted their tasks finished two days ago.  It’s not fun and this week was made worse because I didn’t stick with my morning ritual each morning and by Thursday I was totally out of sorts.  I have a morning routine that is designed to make sure I do the most important things first thing.  I work from home so it is very easy for me to roll out of bed and start working without doing the most important things.  An example of some of those important things are: drink a glass of water, take my meds, take my blood pressure, write 3 things I’m grateful for in my journal, read for 15 minutes, and knit 5 rounds on my socks.  So I generally spend an hour and a half on my morning ritual and then I can start my work day.  One day of doing this doesn’t really change anything that I notice but one day of NOT doing it really puts me out of sorts.  Especially after I’ve been doing this for a few months.  After many days of doing this, I’ve noticed that I’m much more relaxed, patient, calm, etc.  Well this week I had 2 -3 days of not doing my routine and by Wednesday evening my neck was killing me and by Thursday, I had a migraine, and Friday I had to stop work at noon to take a walk with the hubby for some exercise and to say hello to the sun. Really I spent a lot of time recuperating because I didn’t want to take the time on my morning ritual.  I know this but sometimes I just make bad decisions.

Other than that, I took the girl to Riverside to take a tour of UCR. We both enjoyed the campus. I’d never been to UCR so I was pleasantly surprised at how much we both liked it.

And I was scheduled to take this month’s quilty workshop with my guild.  Luckily the workshop was cancelled.  I can’t remember exactly what happened and I really wanted to attend as it was on machine applique.  But, I’m tired and I’ve got a lot of UFOs and WIPs that I need to take care of.  So I’m going to spend this weekend trying to finish the Rippidy Doo Dah project I showed last week.

~happy crafting


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