Goals and Things… 2019

I was going to write a post about Cross Stitch… and that post will come but in getting my post together I ran across my 2018 goals. And was reminded about how funny I am. I made a whole 4 post series of my goals of which I’m not going to link up.  If you are truly interested, you can search for it in the search bar with 2018 crafty goals.  In reviewing here’s what I found…

My overarching goals were:

  1. Use what I have
  2. Get rid of the things that I don’t love anymore
  3. Only buy things I will use now

Did I accomplish these things… Short answer is no.  I continue to buy, keep (hoard) and buy things I don’t intend to start.

Here is a short list of specific goals:


==> I can tell you that I did not finish anything quilty related in 2018.  I did sew stuff and make bags and little things and made progress on quilting the humongous Celtic Solstice.  But I didn’t get much done.  I’m a little disappointed with myself but I’m going to do better this year.


  1. SOCKS!
    1. Box of Sox 2018 with Voolenvine – Done!
    2. Knitting Expat’s sock clubs – Done!
    3. Knotty Gnome magical maladies pattern – Not Done!
    4. Misc. patterns already purchased – Not Done!
  2. Other knitting projects that I outlined in the original post –
    1. Finished the Land of Sweets Cowl and Kayla’s Weasley Sweater

Cross Stitch:

  1. I didn’t have explicit goals but wanted to continue to work on Mama’s Bukid and Gamer and add in a small project here and there.  I finished the Spooky Scary 5×5 Mill Hill Kit for Halloween and that’s it.

I did start multiple projects for Quilting, Knitting and Cross Stitching to add to the WIP parade. I’m a little afraid to pull it all out.  But I’ve got a short list of things and I’m working off that list.  One of the things that has been going around Instagram the past few years is people’s Make9 projects.  I created one this year and what I did was pick 3 projects from each section that I want done this year.  For Quilting, I want to finish

  1. Celtic Solstice
  2. Have a little Quilty Christmas!
  3. Staycation


  1. Box of Socks – Same as last year, I’m doing 12 socks for the year.
  2. Jacob’s Weasley Sweater
  3. Featherweight Cardigan

Cross Stitching:

  1. Mama’s Bukid
  2. Gamer – 6 pages
  3. Snowman

This is my short list and it is currently making it easier to get going on things.

I’m tired just typing this all up.

Have a Happy Saturday!

Keep crafting and love on!






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