A new project – Diamond Wedding Ring

Diamond Wedding Ring

Pattern by Judy Niemeyer

At a quilt retreat last September (2019) at Thimble Towne in Bakersfield, CA, I saw this quilt.  And I loved it. I have known about Judy Niemeyer’s quilt patterns for awhile and I’ve always found them to be beautiful.  I had it on my bucket list to do one of hers at some point but nothing called to me until I saw this quilt.  The above quilt is not my quilt. This is the one I saw at Thimble Towne because I loved it so much and last weekend, I took a class with a certified Judy Niemeyer instructor over at Cotton and Chocolate in Thousand Oaks, CA.

Here’s my progress pictures:

Diamond Wedding Ring
Stacks of fabric for the rings

The class is offered the first Saturday of each month.  And my homework until the next class is to turn the stacks of fabric into these rings.  The great thing is that if I do not finish my homework this month, I can always go to the following month’s class. I like this freedom.  In reality, I want to get this homework done by the February class so I can move forward on this project.  I already have plans and will not be able to attend the March class which means if I do not get this done by February I will not be able to move to the next step until April.  If you’ve read the last few posts, you know I’ve got a handful of projects I’m working on so I’m not going to push myself to get this done for February.  But it would be nice if I did. 🙂

~Happy Quilting!




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