My weekly update, 2/01/2020

So much has happened in the last 2 weeks. First I wasn’t able to post because of Road to California and all the shenanigans that happen there. I was exhausted on Sunday and spent the day resting. And that morning, Kobe Bryant and his daughter passed away in a helicopter crash. It’s heartbreaking and I continue to cry every day.  I cannot imagine what his wife and family are going through and I offer my prayers and hugs to them.

And here’s my update…

First, the week before Road:

I didn’t cross stitch at all that week, I did some knitting and that was it.  I went to yoga once.  That’s it. I played on the Bernina Q20 that Friday and quilted on practice sandwiches. At the end, I took out this table runner and quilted it. Now it’s done and all I have to do is bind it.

I also went to a featherweight maintenance class and now I have the knowledge I need to oil and service my featherweight!

On Sunday, I spent the day finishing up clue 3 on my scrappy quilt (no pictures because I was so busy sewing).  Time just goes by so fast. Then the week started up again.

So this past week, I was a bit more productive.  I cross stitched 4 of the 5 days and I finished the columns I was working on last time and now I’m on the next set of columns.

Mama’s Bukid

I went to yoga once so I’m averaging about once a week.  Much better than not going at all but I’m striving for twice a week.

Next I accomplished my morning knitting on socks for 15 minutes every Monday – Friday.


These babies are now done!

knit picks
scrappy socks

All the ends are woven in and I started on my next monday morning socks:

Pattern: Jo’s perfect slipper socks


Second, my evening knitting on Ricky’s Weasley Sweater every Monday through Friday.

Ricky’s Weasley Sweater

I checked this off for 6 of 10 days.  Here’s an updated picture:

Ricky’s Weasley Sweater
about 14″

It’s hard to see the green stripe but it’s still there.

I only worked on the Fairy Hill Shawl during knit night but that’s okay. I have about 7 rows left to do.

Fairy Hill Shawl

I hope you all have a happy crafty week!


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