Quilting update on my 2020 crafty plans

Quilting: I finished 2 quilt tops in January

Good Fortune
Top is done!

Glam Clam
Finished Top

My primary project is Scrappy Stars and I finished Clue #3.  When I finished Clue #3, I found the last page of Clue #2 and realized I didn’t finish that clue. I had 2 steps left. I finished the first of those 2 steps and now I’m working on the 2nd step. The rest of my WIPs I haven’t touched yet.

  1. Area One Mystery Quilt (2012):

    Area One Mystery quilt

  2. Craftsy Mystery Quilt with Kimberly Einmo
  3. Area Two Mystery Quilt (2012)
  4. Dancing with the Stars by Linda Ballard (2013)

I started the Diamond Wedding Ring by Judy Niemeyer but haven’t gotten very far. I’m waiting on the pattern pages so my last post on this is where I’m still at.




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  1. good morning Melanie, I found your blog via an image search for Hampton Road. I’ve been quilting since dirt was new, but only recently introduced to kits via a gift of Mastering Miniatures, 6″ blocks of 1800’s repros from around 2012 I think. I’m now obsessed with the whole idea 🙂 New fabric! No shopping! Little blocks, lots of pieces! Life is good 🙂 Sharyn in Kalama

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