Grassy Creek, Clue 4 – Finished

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Finally! This clue has taken me forever to finish.

Grassy Creek Clue 4 – Finished 2/21/2021

I had a guild workshop to take – maybe 2 workshops? I had Jan Krentz in January and Alex Anderson in February so those two classes threw in a couple of projects in the middle of this clue and I was only able to do a little bit each weekend. It was slow progress. Now it’s done and I’ll be out of the house this weekend and will not be able to touch my sewing machine until the first weekend in March. I will be doing a bunch of handwork so my hands will still be busy.

Clue 3 – 12/26/2020

Grassy Creek Clue 3 – finished 12/26/2020

Clue 2 – 12/12/2021

Grassy Creek, Clue 2 Finished December 12, 2020

Clue 1 – 12/5/2020

Grassy Creek Clue 1 Finished 12/5/2020

Happy quilting friends!


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