Cross Stitch, an update

Gamer – 12/2/22
Gamer – 12/28/2022

My goal for Gamer is to do 100 stitches per day until I finish a diagonal. Then switch to MFE SAL 2022. For that I increased my goal to 200 stitches per day so I can finish a month’s clue each month.

Gamer – 1/10/23

And here’s my update on my MFE SAL.

MFE SAL – 11/27/22
MFE SAL – 1/4/2023

I’m so thrilled that I was able to get the page done this month. This is the page/clue released in May 2022 so I’m way behind. I will be attempting to get one page done each month so I can be finished with this project this year. It’s about 2500 stitches per page. If I do 200 stitches per day I should be done in about 13 days. Because it’s pretty much the same floss, 200 stitches per day is doable.

Happy Stitching!


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