Quilt in Progress: Plum Fusion

This is the 2022 Saturday Sampler from Cotton and Chocolate in Thousand Oaks, CA. I was pretty caught up until I got Covid and I set it aside. I’m slowly working on it again. Here are page 11 and page 12 blocks which was my January goal.

Page 11
Page 12

I stopped doing BOMs years ago. First I always fell off and didn’t keep up to the finish. And when I did there were times when the fabric was not enough. That’s annoying. I know people always tell me I could ask the shop the BOM was offered through but these were usually from those I did through the mail and so much time had passed that I was sure they didn’t have any more of that fabric. And I was annoyed. I shouldn’t have to call. There shouldn’t have been a shortage of fabric. I understand if I made a mistake but I hadn’t.

So then I decided to not do mail order BOMs and just do local shops since I have relationships with them and the shortage of fabric should not be an issue. It wasn’t. But I wasn’t really learning anything new and I was making the same quilt as others in my area and it was adding to my new starts and ufos each year. There are so many quilts out there I want to make that I didn’t need to do them too. So I stopped participating in BOMs (Saturday Samplers) several years ago.

Well, one of my knitting friends wanted to learn to quilt so a bunch of us started teaching her. And she wanted to do the 2022 Saturday Sampler so I joined her. That’s how I started the Plum Fusion in 2022. It’s a bit complicated for her so we do a little at a time. Luckily I like the colors of the fabric and the quilt. And since they use Deb Tucker rulers I’m learning how to use them with this project.

And now another friend wants to do the Saturday Sampler at Quilty Pleasures in Simi Valley, CA this year. I am not as in love with the colors (blue and orange) but I’m intrigued with the design. and I love quilting with a group of friends. I love the community created around this.



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