January 2023 – Recap

Here is my January list to keep me focused.

#1 – Disappearing 9 Patch-

UPDATE – It’s done! Woohoo!

#2 Plum Fusion – do page 11 and page 12.

Page 11
Page 12

Update: Both page 11 and 12 are complete

#3 – Linda Ballard’s Dresden from the guild’s February 2022 workshop. – Finish this top

Update: This is now a finished flimsy and is now part of my quilt queue.

#4 – New saturday sampler – The Quilty Pleasure Saturday Sampler starts this month. I’d like to stay on schedule and keep up with it so I’d like to get the first month’s tasks done for the QP Saturday Sampler.

Update- I missed the first Saturday Sampler due to another commitment so by the time I got the kit I was at Road. I’ve been busy since and not able to get to this project this month.

#5 – the road classes – be prepared to learn, do and finish the projects. – Done. I was prepared, I participated in classes and enjoyed them. I took mainly technique classes so not really project based and I don’t plan to finish them. I’m encouraged to start new things and spend time on projects using these techniques. And will add Sashiko to my list next month.

#6 – Mountain Mist – cut fabric for 1 block and start…

Update: This is cut and ready. You can see on this post more details as to what I found. And here is the most recent update

#7 – my bag – Everything in its Place / A Place For Everything

Inside with pocket pages

#8 – my peasant top – not done. I’ll push this to next month.

I really can’t believe how much I was able to get done. I started the month focused on #1 and #2. I’m not sure if I said this before but I can’t quilt for a long time. At least in this case I was using a stencil and marking each pass through the quilt. Because I was using the purple disappearing pen I had to mark a row and then quilt it right away or all my markings disappeared. So I did a row a day. Later my purple pen ran out and I used a frixion pen. So theoretically I could have done more than a row a day. However I get tired fast so a row a day was perfect for my attention span.

Once I finished goal #2 (Plum Fusion) for the month, my daily to do was: my one pass of quilting (which takes about 15-30 minutes) and then I picked up my Dresden. I wrote extensively about it here but in the end I was finished in a day or two. I couldn’t believe how quickly it went.

#4 and #5 were specific events. My friends picked up the January kit for QPs Saturday Sampler. And I spent a lovely week at Road to CA.

and I worked on #6. Once I got Mountain Mist started it became another thing to do daily. So I added it to my daily to do task list. I didn’t always get to it but it’s on there and when I have time I do it and when I don’t have time, I don’t do it.

Then I got to #7… and finished the bag. I didn’t get to #8 but that will get pushed to next month. February is a short month so hopefully I still make a lot of progress.

Happy quilting!


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