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Saturday’s agenda

Here’s my list…

Tell It To The Stars 11/8/14 half done...

Tell It To The Stars
half done…

  1. Finish the November clue for Tell It To The Stars.  I realized after Valerie’s comment last weekend that I forgot to pin!  LOL… I guess I’ve been spoiled these last few months with things coming together easily without requiring pinning and paper piecing.  I’ve finished the first line of the blocks and will be working on the second line and putting them together this weekend.  I’ll be sure to pin and that will probably solve the problem. haha.
New placemats 11/2/14

New placemats

2. I finished the 6 place mats last weekend and now I want to work on the table runner.

3. For work, I’ve got to get a new computer for a new employee at work and I’ve got to actually submit stuff this weekend.

4. I received the finishing kit for Moon Glow


… and I want to tear it open and get going on it.  But I want to get this month’s clue for Tell It To The Stars done first so this one will have to wait.  I hope I am able to get into it this weekend but if I’m realistic about things, it might not be until next weekend.

5. I also received my package from the Aurifil Thread Club I’m a part of.


I think these colors will work great with the place mats and table runner I’m working on right now.

6. And finally, we’re in November now… that means I’ve got to get our Family Newsletter started for the holidays…

Happy quilting everyone!


Stash Report – Week 40, 2014


Tell It To The Stars October 5, 2014

Tell It To The Stars
October 5, 2014

Nothing Used, Nothing Added….

But my BOMs are starting to look like finished tops.  I was able to finish the October clue for Tell It To The Stars and I believe next month’s clue has something to do with borders… For anyone who has done Judy’s mystery quilts in the past, is there a clue in December?

Quilting Flowers and Baskets October 4, 2014

Quilting Flowers and Baskets
October 5, 2014

I even had some time yesterday to do some quilting on Flowers and Baskets. I think I’ll finish quilting that basket today and then start working on Moon Glow.

And I received my October thread of the month from The Quilt Bear!


Yummy Colors for October.   2014 From The Quilt Bear Aurifil Club

Yummy Colors for October.
From The Quilt Bear
Aurifil Club

It’s not orange, even though it is October.  It is salmon and I am loving this color this year.  I’ve bought so much fabric in this color line so this thread is up my alley this month.

Thread Count 10/5/14

Thread Count

I only have 3 little spokes left which will leave me with an extra spool at the end of December if I continue with the Thread Club until the end of the year.  But I’m really close to finishing up one spool, which will get me just enough little spokes to finish up the year even.  There is a very slight chance I might finish up a second spool quilting Flowers and Baskets and if I do, I can continue in the club for January.  I’m curious to see what the club will do next year.  This is my second year in the club and the focus changed slightly this year from last.  After that, the likelihood of finishing up 2 spools or even 1 spool every month is very slim.  So I’ll probably discontinue my membership at that time.

Used this week: 0 yards
Used year to Date: 21.5 yards
Added this week: 7 yards
Added Year to Date: 81.4 yards
Net Added for 2014: 59.9 yards

see more stash reports at  Patchwork Times

~gone quilting!


Thread Count!

Thread Count 8/22/14

Thread Count

Speaking about thread – here’s my thread stand.  It’s almost full.  As I’ve blogged about in the past, I am part of an Aurifil Thread Club with The Quilt Bear.  Every month they send me 2 spools of thread for just under $22 (that includes S&H and tax so it’s a deal!).  Last year, the club sent a color and a background color.  But I was building my thread selection so I requested two colors be sent each month.  I get my backgrounds when I shop at quilt shops.  This year, they changed it up and the club sends a color and a variegated thread in the same color line.  So, I could get a solid green and then a variegated green in a month.  I love it!  It has been a great way to build my thread collection without going through the headache of trying to figure out which one I want.  If it was up to me – I would never get around to buying thread and I would end up using the same gray, cream, white thread on all my quilting.  But, as you can see, my thread stand is almost full.  When it is full, I will have to stop my membership with the thread club.  Right now, I’ve got 6 empty spots.  That is three months.  If I do not use up more spools in the next three months – my thread club will be gone.  I am not planning on having more thread than what my stand can hold.  So I have to get cracking and use up some of those spools!  The background thread is easy to use up and it looks like one of the grays will be done pretty quickly. There is a dark blue spool that is half way done too but I’m not planning on using it anytime soon for any project.  Oh well – if I stop the thread club, I may look into a fabric club. 🙂

Happy Quilting!


Stash Report – 11/10/13

I’m back from Los Angeles!  Nothing used and nothing added this week – but not for lack of trying.  I intended to go to my LQS in Los Angeles (I really miss those ladies) but just didn’t have time.  Why do quilt shops close so early?  I can’t leave work early enough to go and by the time I’m ready their closed! 🙁  It is good that I didn’t go anyway.  I wanted to get fabric for Celtic Solstice but I haven’t yet got the paint cards for colors so I would have just been buying fabric blind.  I also didn’t have time to go through my stash and pull out the fabric I had so —- It’s good I didn’t go. 🙂

I was able to get a lot of the hand work done on block 6 of Raining Cats and Dogs.  I finished applique-ing everything in Los Angeles and all I have left is the embroidery.  I plan on getting that done today.

When I returned from my trip I had two packages waiting for me:  A couple of Aurifil threads from The Quilt Bear:

Aurifil Thread Club The Quilt Bear #1243 - Purple #2710 - Pale Blue

Aurifil Thread Club
The Quilt Bear
#1243 – Purple
#2710 – Pale Blue

I’m part of the Aurifil Thread Club from The Quilt Bear. It has been a great way to build my thread collection without having to go through the agonizing mental anguish I go through each time trying to figure out which color to buy.  If I do not need a particular color I do not buy it.  But then when I’m quilting or piecing – I just use what I have.  I do not stop to go to the store to buy something that matches.  This is especially true when I’m playing in the moment.  For recent projects I have been able to go to the collection and actually match my thread.  It has been great and actually made this investment worth it.  Aurifil isn’t cheap but the thread club is $20/month and includes shipping!  I do not know how they do it but if I went to buy the thread locally it would cost me $12/spool +tax.  If there are some colors I do not use – it’s okay because I never know what I’ll need when.  One time my mom used some to patch something up and even my daughter used some when she got into making her hair bows.

The second package contained this:

500 Quilt Blocks by: Lynne Goldsworthy and Kerry Green

500 Quilt Blocks
by: Lynne Goldsworthy and Kerry Green

It’s cute and pretty and some eye candy for those nights when I want to quilt but can’t for whatever reason.  Great for inspiration!

Yesterday I was a workhorse in organization and cleaning.  I put away my summer clothes and pulled out, washed and put away my winter clothes in my dresser.  I’ll be working on the kids clothes today.  I also cleaned my office/sewing room and pulled all my stuff/crap from the curio and re-organized. I had been feeling slightly discombobulated whenever I looked inside the curio.  Nothing was labeled and I kept going through things to find whatever I was looking for.  So I pulled everything out, put projects in their plastic bins, labelled them, etc.  I think it looks pretty and now I have room to get more stuff!  

The Curio on 11/10/13

The Curio on 11/10/13

My fabric stash is located elsewhere — this just contains my BOMs and 2 quilt tops ready to be quilted, current projects I’m working on, and even some recent UFOs from PIQF that I haven’t yet added to my UFO list.

I was also able to get Easy Street‘s back done and I’m working on basting it now.  My sister brought back our big folding table yesterday so rather than spray baste like I was planning on doing I am using that table to pin baste.  I haven’t pin basted on a folding table before so we’ll see how it goes.  I’m not able to clamp to it to keep everything tight and secure.  I ran out of pins so I’ll have to head out and get more.

Stash count: **I started counting 5/23/13…

Used this week: 0 yards
Used year to Date: 32 yards
Added this Weeks: 0 yards
Added Year to Date: 153.25 yards
Net Added for 2013: 121.25 yards

see more stash reports at Patchwork Times.

Wish I was quilting!