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2021 Quilty plans

In a previous post, I listed all the quilts that I plan to quilt this year. There are 7 of them. In this post, I will list the quilts I’m working on and my plans to get them to the to be quilted stage…. 

Jan Krentz Quick Star 01/01/2021

Jan Krentz – Diamond Star quilt. I’m not sure what this one is called but I started this in December (yup, just this past December 2020) in a workshop and I’ve got the inner top finished. I still need to do the border and I’m planning on putting some appliqued pieces in the center to make it pop. 

Grassy Creek Clue 3 – finished 12/26/2020

Bonnie Hunter’s 2020 Mystery Quilt, Grassy Creek – I’m currently working on Clue 4.

Scrappy Stars Around the Corner 3/6/2020

I need to figure out where I left on this project. I’m pretty sure I have a bunch of rows pieced together but I’m not sure if this top is done or not. I don’t think so but who knows… It’s been several months since I’ve pulled this project to look at.

Dancing with the Stars Linda Ballard 8/2020

Dancing with the Stars by Linda Ballard – I’m also not sure where I’m at here. I know I ran out of fabrics and I can’t make it a queen size quilt so I need to make a decision on what to do to move forward on this quilt.

Radiant Jewel Quilt by Kimberly Einmo – all the blocks are done and my plan was to get this up oh a design wall at a quilt retreat to figure out where the blocks will go and move forward on it. It looks like that quilt retreat will probably not be happening anytime soon so… we’ll see where we are at when this comes up in queue.

Gardenvale by Moda 7/12/2020

Gardenvale – started in 2020. I need to make a decision as to how I want to move forward on this. It’s been percolating and one of the ideas I’ve been playing with is doing traditional blocks around the new round in these fabrics. I need to do the math to figure out how big I want them to be and how many I will need to fill the round. I love these fabrics. 🙂

Allietare –  Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt from 2015 – I pulled this out in 2020 to start working on this but I had such difficulty figuring out where I was in clue 1 that I set it aside. I need to put my big girl panties on and just move forward on this one. I did not do too many of these so if I have to start all over, I’m okay with that.

Area Three Mystery Quilt from 2012 SoCal Quilters Run – I actually pulled this out in 2020 to start working on as well but something about it wasn’t sitting well with me. I had a kit of beautiful batiks and about 10-12 instructions and every time I tried to get started, I just couldn’t. So I scrapped it. I pulled the fabric out and it’s now in my basket to pre-wash my fabrics. When that basket gets full it will all go in the wash.

Civil War Diary Quilt – started in 2017 – I’m putting this on the list.

~Happy Quilting!


Grassy Creek, Part 3

Here are the important links: Bonnie’s Blog, Bonnie’s Website, Grassy Creek Tab

I finished all of clue 1 –

Grassy Creek Clue 1 Finished 12/5/2020

And all of Clue 2

Grassy Creek, Clue 2 Finished December 12, 2020

I got a start on Clue 3 –

1 set of Clue 3, 12/12/2020

I cut all my neutrals, half of the blues, and none of the purples.

This is the first year I selected different colors. I’ve never been confident about my color selection and in previous years, just took the easy way out and picked standard colors. For the few weeks between the intro and the first clue, I was talking to a bunch of guild mates and I kept saying how I’m not good at picking colors, etc. etc. and I just heard myself say all these negative things. Finally I picked myself up and said, I sound so pathetic, I’m going to challenge myself and pick different colors. I love purples, pinks and blues so those are my colors, in addition to Bonnie’s neutral and gray. I hope it all turns out and if it doesn’t, it’s okay. I’m sure someone will love it.

So for Clue 3, I spent much of my Saturday going through and pulling fabric. I don’t usually pull fabric before the clues are released. I use these mystery quilts as scrap busters and I like to go through my scrap system first before touching yardage. I went through all my neutrals and cut what I needed. Then I went through my blues and cut as long as I could. I really wanted to finish cutting the blues before calling it a night but I didn’t want to mess up and that’s what happens when I try to go on to long.

Sunday, my guild had our first zoom workshop and it was with Jan Krentz. Here’s a pic of my WIP…

Jan Krentz Quick Star 12/13/2020

Don’t mind the messy floor. I need to get a design wall set up but that’s going to be sometime from now so design floor it is.

Happy quilting friends!