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SFVQA – Quilting in the Valley Quilt Show! Recap

I had a fabulous time.  Everyone was mostly pleasant and a blast.  There were a handful of grumpies but that’s normal so we can ignore them.  I was able to help the ladies run the credit card app and I traveled between locations to be on hand for any troubles.  They were pleased with my presence and I’m glad to have been of assistance.

Sorry I wasn’t able to post pictures last night.  One of the issues we ran across was that an older tablet was not connecting to the internet properly so I left my phone with that location so they would be able to use the credit card app on it.  I was not able to take pictures on Saturday.  But today, Sunday, I knew exactly which pictures I wanted.  Here are some pics of the quilts I enjoyed.  I didn’t get all the details (like whether it was machine appliqued, a pattern from someone else, or anything like that) but I am including the main quilt maker’s name.

Flower Pot #4
Lois Christianson

Sue Rasmussen


“At Home in the Garden”
by Becky Kokkinos

“Fun and Fancy”
Zena Thorpe

“Guess who’s coming to Dinner?”
Victoria Crayne

“Leftover Stars”
Francine Landau

I’ll post more pictures tomorrow.

~Happy quilting


Quilting in the Valley quilt show!

I’m heading off to our guild’s quilt show this weekend.  I’m supposed to be helping the ladies with taking credit card payments.  🙂  I’m not sure what to expect but hopefully, all will go well.

I’ll post pictures on Instagram.  @thousandneedles

I plan to post pictures here later this evening.