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SFVQA – Quilting in the Valley Quilt Show! Recap

I had a fabulous time.  Everyone was mostly pleasant and a blast.  There were a handful of grumpies but that’s normal so we can ignore them.  I was able to help the ladies run the credit card app and I traveled between locations to be on hand for any troubles.  They were pleased with my presence and I’m glad to have been of assistance.

Sorry I wasn’t able to post pictures last night.  One of the issues we ran across was that an older tablet was not connecting to the internet properly so I left my phone with that location so they would be able to use the credit card app on it.  I was not able to take pictures on Saturday.  But today, Sunday, I knew exactly which pictures I wanted.  Here are some pics of the quilts I enjoyed.  I didn’t get all the details (like whether it was machine appliqued, a pattern from someone else, or anything like that) but I am including the main quilt maker’s name.

Flower Pot #4
Lois Christianson

Sue Rasmussen


“At Home in the Garden”
by Becky Kokkinos

“Fun and Fancy”
Zena Thorpe

“Guess who’s coming to Dinner?”
Victoria Crayne

“Leftover Stars”
Francine Landau

I’ll post more pictures tomorrow.

~Happy quilting


Stash Report – Week 18, 2015

My guild’s quilt show was this weekend so I spent some money and added some yardage.  I noticed that at the show I was paying more attention to the quilting than the design.  In past shows I usually look at how quilts look overall without really paying attention to the quilting.  That was opposite this year and really reflects on my development as a quilter.  I didn’t take pictures this time around since I didn’t have a whole lot of time to spend.  I also noticed that I was looking at the tools and patterns that I couldn’t get at my LQS.  I ended up getting bundles of fat quarters of hand dyed fabric, a skirt pattern and a holder for my ruler.  The ruler holder was made by a local woodworking group and I think it’s beautiful.  I’ll try to remember to take a picture of all my purchases during the day.

Used this week: 0 yards

Used year to Date: -28.75 yards
Added this week: 3 yards
Added Year to Date: 38.75 yards
Net Added for 2015: 10 yards

Quilty $$ – 

Spent this week at the quilt show: $131
Spent Year to date (beg 4/12/15): $176

What I want to concentrate on next week:

Keep plugging away on the April clue for Scrapitude.  The May clue will be coming in a couple of weeks so I’d like to get this one done before the next one is released.

see more stash reports atPatchwork Times

~Have a quilty week!


PIQF XXII – Santa Clara, CA

Yesterday, I received in the mail confirmation of my registration at the PIQF  coming up in October in Santa Clara, CA.  I am super uber excited because it happens to fall on my birthday weekend.  And I’m taking time off to take a few classes.  I’ve never taken classes at a show.  I’ve always wanted to but usually I find out about the show too late to register for classes.  This time around I heard about this show through my guild and I went online to see if there were any classes I wanted to take and found quite a few!  When I picked the classes that I wanted to take I picked as many as I could fit in the schedule.  I didn’t realize that I could pick one or two classes and just attend the one or two.  Well, I ended up registering for 4 workshops and 1 lecture.  It’s okay though because each of the workshops sound like techniques I want to learn and are worth taking.  We’ll see after the show.  🙂  Funny thing is that if I had known I would have only registered for the one class I wanted and at the time I registered it was FULL and CLOSED!  I was very disappointed.  The class is Machine Quilting Essentials taught by Sue Nickels.  I decided that I was still going to put the class as my #1 choice and see what happens.  Of course I had a second and third choice lined up but I really wanted that class.  Well I registered and received an email saying that the class was full and if I’d like to be on the waiting list.  I said yes!  I was put into my 2nd choice.  Then a week or so later I received another email saying that a spot opened up and being that I was #1 on the wait list, I can go into the class if I still wanted to!  Of course!  That is the class I wanted in the first place!  So now it’s official!  Here’s my workshop schedule for the show and if you’re planning on attending also, comment or email me so we can meet up!

Workshop Schedule

Machine Quilting Essentials by Sue Nickels

Hawaiian Quilt Making by Jean Brown

Dancing with the Stars by Linda Ballard

Fab Feathers Messenger Bag by Kellie Rushing

My goal for the show (unlike the Long Beach Show) is to take the workshops, check out the quilts, and buy VERY little!  I got my buying frenzy out of my system at Long Beach.  I am looking for a corduroy quilt, though.  I saw a cute one in Long Beach but by then I’d already met my budget for the show and couldn’t buy another one even though I really wanted to!  So if I see a corduroy quilt here I will buy that one!

So now I’ve got to prep for the classes and make sure I’ve got all the supplies I will need to bring! If you have taken any of these classes before or have any advice for me please comment and let me know!

Wish I was quilting!