Retreat – Day One

So retreat lite at my guild is not a full retreat.  It’s three days of dedicated sewing at a local hotel.  If we want to, we can get a room there and make it a full retreat.  But you can also just stay home and drive to and from each time.  Unlike last time, I opted to stay home.  What resulted was that for Day One I didn’t get as much sewing done.  Between having to deal with work stuff and having to come home and do family stuff, it was a day of interruption and driving around.  While I was there, though, I had a great time.

I did manage to finish Hampton Ridge Block 3 and I’ll take a picture and post it later.  And I finished Step 1 of Missing Ivy.  I thought when I finished sewing and cutting the half square triangles (HST) I was done and when I was cutting for Step 2 realized that I didn’t trim down my first set of HSTs.  So I had to stop and trim down 72 HSTs to 3-1/2″.  It was not fun.  By the time I was done it was about 11pm and I was ready to go home.  But I wanted to be done with cutting for Step 2 so I could just sew today.  I did, I cut more 3-1/2″ squares of various fabrics and tomorrow I’ll be sewing them together to make more HSTs.  I used my BlocLoc ruler for the first time.  I purchased it at PIQF for an insane amount of money.  I think it’s the 6″ one and at the time I was debating if I should get the set.  I can’t remember the cost of it but it was insane so I chose to get just 1 and figured I could do smaller squares if I wanted to.  I LOVE the ruler!  Absolutely!  The only thing is that I should have gotten the set instead of just the one.  I hated having to move the HST around and the ruler to get it to the right measurement.  I’m putting the sets of the rulers in my wish list and hope that someone will put it under the Christmas Tree for me. 🙂

By the end of the evening I was able to cut all the fabric I need for Step 2 and today I’m ready to sew.

Happy Quilting!


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