Ready for Retreat!!!

Bags packed for retreat!

Bags packed for retreat!

Retreat is tomorrow and I’m ready to go!  I’ve got my bags packed and Friday morning is just a few hours away.  I know it seems early but tonight is my turn at chauffeuring the girl to Cheer practice.  That means I’m not home until almost 11pm!  So, I packed up my sewing machine and all my supplies and projects last night.   The husband will drive me to the hotel tomorrow morning.  It’s retreat lite so I’m not staying at the hotel but going back and forth from home each day.  It’s not too far (maybe 10 minutes) – so it’s not a big deal.  It’s my momma’s birthday tomorrow so the weekend will not be entirely spent at the retreat.

I brought a number of projects with me – Hampton Ridge Blocks 3 and 4, Missing Ivy and if those two do not get me out of my Sew Slump – I packed in the corduroy kit from PIQF.  I’ve been excited about that for a long time but I’m hesitant to start a new project.  I do not want another UFO to add to my list.  But my sew slump is driving me crazy and I need to move past it.  And if another UFO will help me do that – then sew be it. 🙂

~Wish I was quilting now!


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