Moon Glow, an Update on my epic fail

Moon Glow BOM Block 1 Finished  January 5, 2014

Moon Glow BOM
Block 1 Finished
January 5, 2014

Last week I posted a picture of the first block for the Moon Glow BOM.   I signed up for it last summer and received the first block in December.  I was itching to rip into it but when I looked at the instructions I was very confused.  So I set it aside.  I received the second block and that was when I forced myself to just do it.  I don’t want to get behind on my BOMs if I can help it.    So this block is an epic fail.  The instructions have 3 methods you can choose to complete the block: hand, freezer paper, and foundation paper.  But it’s not like it has separate instructions for if you choose to do hand, freezer paper or foundation paper.  It starts with the general instruction.  Then a page for the freezer paper templates.  Then a page for the foundation paper templates.  And so I’m flipping through pages trying to figure out what I’m doing.  I am not doing this by hand.  I’m not doing this by freezer paper.  I don’t know how I would do this by freezer paper… So the only real option is foundation paper.  

I just started doing foundation paper piecing with the Lucky Stars BOM and I’m not very good or experienced with it.  But the Lucky Stars BOM has excellent instructions for the newbie foundation paper piecer.  Elizabeth Dackson goes through EACH STEP with incredible detail.  I also am reviewing Carol Doak’s class “Mastering Foundation Paper Piecing” on Craftsy to help me with the technique. Today, I’m going to work on Block 2 and I hope it goes much better than Block 1.  I still do not know what I’m going to eventually do with the puckering of Block 1 but I received a few wonderful ideas last week.  ==Thank you Ladies!===

Here are the two ideas I’m playing with…

Option 1 – cut through the middle and tuck and sew to reduce (hopefully get rid of) the big pucker

Option 2 – Applique something over the center to cover the pucker.

I’m leaning with Applique-ing something over the center.  But I’m not sure yet.  I figure if the applique doesn’t work I can always go back to Option 1.  🙂  I’m not ready to do anything yet as I want to get a few of these blocks under my belt before so.

Here’s to a better block 2!


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