The Weekend Line Up

I was able to get Moon Glow caught up last weekend so 2 of my 3 BOMs are caught up.  I’ve got 3 kits of Hampton Ridge in a pile for me to complete and that’s one of the top to do items for this weekend.  For some reason – I’m not feeling Hampton Ridge right now.  I have a feeling it’s because I’m so behind and unlike the other BOMs – 3 kits translates to 12 blocks.  Oh well, I’ve just got to put my big girl pants on and just start doing it.  Hopefully, I’ll start getting into it once I do.  That’s what happened with Moon Glow last week.  I didn’t have any intention to finish up Moon Glow so I hope that whatever bug got into me then will get me going on Hampton Ridge.

I have been keeping myself busy on other things.  I actually started quilting Flowers and Baskets.  I realized the other day that my finish quilt goal this year is 6.  I’ve already finished 4 so I only have 2 more to go.  While I’m doing well on my BOMs, none of them will be ready for quilting and finishing this year.  Which means, I have to take two of my finished tops and quilt them by the end of the year to meet my goal.  I have three quilts on my target list to finish for 2014.  Those are Raining Cats and Dogs, Missing Ivy, and Celtic Solstice.  All three of those are nowhere near ready to be quilted so I doubt that they will be done this year.  I originally wrote that list at the beginning of the year so I need 1 other quilt to finish.  I think that will be Month by Month.  That is my last quilt top waiting to be quilted.  So over the next couple of months I’ll be quilting Flowers and Baskets on my little Bernina.  Then once that is done, I’ll be quilting Month by Month.  And by the end of the year I will meet my 6 quilts for 2014 goal.  🙂

Quilting Flowers and Baskets

Quilting Flowers and Baskets

Right now I’m quilting the straight lines on Flowers and Baskets with a walking foot.  I’ll be done with that this weekend.  Then, I’ll be quilting inside the blocks of flowers and baskets.  That may take me a little while as it’s a mix of straight lines and FMQ.  But they’re going to be different on each block.  Then I’m going to work on FMQ on the empty blocks between the flowers and baskets.  I’m still not sure what to put there but they’ll be the same on each empty square.  And finally, I’ll quilt the borders.  Everything within the borders will be quilted with black Aurifil 50w.  The borders will be quilted with a purple Aurifil 50w.


Celtic Solstice - Step 4 4 Patches  100 assembled  the rest waiting for me

Celtic Solstice – Step 4
4 Patches
300 assembled

I was also able to finish up Step 4 of Celtic Solstice.  I’ll check out what’s involved with Step 5 and put that on next week’s to do list. 🙂

So this weekend’s lineup is:

  1. finish straight line quilting Flowers and Baskets
  2. Practice FMQ
  3. Hampton Ridge
  4. get the next part of Block 7 for Raining Cats and Dogs set up for applique-ing.

Happy Quilting!



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