Manic Monday – 3/2/2015

I must have done too much on Saturday because I woke up Sunday morning with the worse back pain.  It was cold (for LA at least) and overcast.  Later in the afternoon it started raining.  I whine because I didn’t quilt on Bailey.  The new mid arm is set up in the garage and it’s ready for me to quilt on with Month by Month actually in the frame.  But my quilt mojo was not with me today.  I wanted to do something.  But my top three projects were in various degrees of “I can’t do anything right now”.. Scrapitude is waiting on the next clue. Tell It To The Stars is done and is in queue for quilting.  Month by Month is in the quilt frame.  So – I was in a mood.  I could go to the next WIP – Moon Glow – but I’m not ready to do that.  I think I want Month by Month to actually be finished before I put a new project on my Work on NOW list. So I worked on the Bucket Bag for the Basic Bag Making Class on Craftsy that has been on my list for the last couple of months.  I convinced my daughter to work on it with me and she actually did .. until she got tired and I finished it up for her.  But she got to pick her fabric.  Cut (she’s 13 so she can cut), press, and sew.  But now I’ve got two bags to show for it.  And at 1.5 yards each, that’s 3 yards used! woohoo!  I’m getting closer and closer to the black.

Melanie's Bucket Bag 3/1/15

Melanie’s Bucket Bag

Kayla's Bucket Bag 3/1/2015

Kayla’s Bucket Bag


Can I still post on BOMs Away?  I don’t know but here’s another pic of Month by Month on the quilt frame.  And that can be an update on my BOM project –

Month by Month on the mid arm 2/28/2015

Month by Month on the mid arm


Check out more finished BOMs at 

For Design Wall Monday…

Design Wall 3/2/2015

Design Wall

My design wall is empty.  That’s what happens after  two tops are finished.  I am thinking of piecing the left over fabric from Tell It To The Stars and using it as a back.  I plan to watch Creative Quilt Backs on Craftsy for inspiration.  That will probably go up on the design wall next.  Afterwards, the plan is to take Moon Glow out of hiding and put the finished blocks on the design wall.

See more design walls at

Have a great week!


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  1. I love your bucket bags! What do you do with them? I’m also curious to know more of your quilt frame in the garage. Do you keep it set up all the time, or do you have to take it down when you need to put a car in? I’ve used up all the extra room in the house but the garage is always so dirty, I’m not sure that would work for me either. But if you have any tips to make it work, I’d like to know.

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