WIP Wednesday – 5/27/2015

Scrapitude  5/27/2015


I’m working on finishing the top for Scrapitude.  I’ve got all the blocks pieced in rows and I’m in the middle of putting together the rows of sashing.  I’ve got 3 more of those rows to finish up and then I can piece the row of blocks with the row of sashes.  Once that is done I’ll work on getting the borders together.  I like how the quilt looks.  This started out as a mystery so you just never know with mysteries whether you’ll like how it will turn out and I’m happy that I like this one.  I wasn’t very organized when I put the blocks together.  I originally paid close attention in the block layouts and not place matching fabrics together.  However I didn’t label anything and my blocks got mixed up.  As you can see I ended up sewing matching fabrics together.  I’m not pleased about that but that’s what I get when I just want to piece things together and not take the time to label and organize everything.


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~Here’s to a great week!


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