2015 Goals – May update

1. Continue to count fabric in and out of my stash – done! 


2. Concentrate on one thing at a time. –

  • Scrapitude  – April and May clue. – April is done. May is practically done – I just need to get fabric for the borders and attach that. 
  • Month by Month – Finish quilting the border, trim it, bind and label. – the border is quilted and it was trimmed.  I bound this last night and I will add the label today.
  • Tell It To The Stars – Get the backing done for this so I can get it on the frame to quilt. I already got the batting so all that I’m waiting on is the backing.  — Still need to get the backing done. 
  • Moon Glow – assemble the quilt and attach the borders – the inner top is complete and I’ve got to attach the borders. 
  • Raining Cats and Dogs – this is next on the list.  I’m not sure this will actually make it on the schedule this month but as soon as one of the items above is done, this is next up. – nothing.  I think I need to add this on my schedule or something because I’ve not touched this in almost a year. 

3. View and complete Craftsy Classes. –

Stephanie Japel’s Hats Four Ways – Finish up the first project.  I’m actually working on the decrease now and it should be done in the next week or so.  I spent a lot of time knitting a couple of weekends ago and my wrist/arm started hurting.  I’m still resting it and that’s my reminder to not knit so much at one time. 🙂 — I finished the first project at the boy’s baseball game yesterday.  I started working on the second project. 

Finish the gardening class I started a few weeks ago. — I finished the class and I just need to write up a review on it. 

4. Complete projects from my craft books

Do the second project and make sure I have the supplies for the third project. – still need to get this done. 

5. Get my Scrap System going – still need to figure out what I’m going to do.  Right now I’m concentrating on simply finishing what I’m working on and really trying hard NOT to start something new.  So I’ve got to do something with it. — I really don’t know what to do here… I’m still working on it. 

Here’s to a great year!

Happy Quilting!


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  1. That’s an ambitious and wonderful list of goals, filled with finishing steps. Love it! Have you checked the tutorials on Wedding Dress Blue? She has a LOT of scrap patterns featured in those. Or do a quilt along with your scraps. Just one block a month, so it hardly counts as a new project. =)

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