WIP Wednesday – 9/2/2015

Moon Glow Strips 9/1/2015

Moon Glow Strips

I’m working on the borders for Moon Glow.  I’ve spent the last few days measuring and cutting strips and strips.  And since I’m a nerd I created a project plan to help keep me organized over the next few steps:

  1. Piece the strips (of the same fabric) together
  2. Cut each strip into 4 equal strips
  3. Piece fabric #1 with fabric #2 to create piece A
    • repeat for fabric #3 and fabric #4 to create piece B
    • repeat for fabric #5 and fabric #6 to create piece C
  4. Piece A +B to create piece D
    • repeat for C and fabric #7 for piece E
  5. Piece D+E for 4 sets of borders
  6. Then connect top and bottom
  7. connect right and left
  8. finally, miter the corners

That’s my project plan over the next few days.  The tables are a bit of a mess with all the pieces strewn about although nicely labeled so I don’t drive myself crazy.  But that means that I can’t take out Raining Cats and Dogs until this project is done.  I’m kind of sad about that since I’ve been making a lot of headway on that project the past couple of weeks.

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~Here’s to a great week!


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