Living Simply Edition #4

So last edition, I still needed to go through the box on the left marked Hawaiian Clothes and the shoes.  I also needed to try on the clothes I kept from the right side.

More boxes!

More boxes!

Since then I went through the boxes but didn’t have a chance to try on the clothes. I was able to donate most of the clothes in the box on the left and a few of the shoes.  I kept a few things that I was a little sentimental about.  Right now I’ve got a huge trash bag of clothes and my closet floor is covered with clothes that I need to go through.  I am irritated with it.  The clothes lay everywhere.  This may be a good thing since I’ll be inclined to donate more.

Another thing I’m trying to do is work through my boxes of files and papers.  When we moved from up north to LA I put everything in my desk into a few boxes.  I didn’t unpack everything.  any papers that were lying around waiting for me to deal with also went into boxes.  I know I went through some of it but I still have 2-3 boxes of files that I’m sure could be gone through and gotten rid of.  I did the same when we moved over the summer.  I still have 1 more pending box.  It’s not a big box.  It’s the size of a box containing 100 manila file folders.  My right bottom drawer contains the pending stuff that I accumulate during the week that I need to review or take care of on the weekend. Usually it’s personal stuff.  So, over the last few Saturdays I’ve been spending an hour or so emptying (or trying to) the drawer.  I’ve had to create files or add appointments on the family calendar.  Whatever I need to do to get it out of that drawer.  It’s like my inbox.  Anyway, last Saturday I finally emptied it enough to fit the file folder size box into it.  I’m not sure I’ll be able to get to it this weekend but I feel like I’m making slow progress.  After that manila file folder I know I’ve got 4 bankers boxes worth of papers in my quilty closet to go through.

I haven’t forgotten about going through the books.  They’re still on my list of things to go through.  I haven’t forgotten and I’m not procrastinating.  I just have other stuff on my plate. ;0

~here’s to a week of decluttering, living simply and planning for a better tomorrow.

It may be slow progress but any progress is better than none.. or worse, buying something else.





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  1. That’s a lot of going through! I used to get so annoyed with myself when I cleaned out a desk drawer or box of paperwork because I wound up throwing so much away. Why didn’t I make that decision before it became clutter? At least you are doing something about all the clothes and paperwork!

    • I think the same thing! I try to get rid of things I know I will not use right away but there are stuff that I keep because I think I’m going to do something with it. Those are the things are in my drawer and I need to actually do something with or toss! 🙂

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