Tuesday’s Garden Update

Tomatoes 4/12/2016


The tomatoes are doing really well.  It’s been raining so they’ve been growing strong.

Potatoes 4/12/16


The potatoes are doing well too.  There are multiple kinds planted in this pot as you can see by the different leaves.  I’ve never planted potatoes before and retrieved these from my compost bin when I saw that they were growing.  I’ve read on the internet to toss more dirt on top as the leaves start to grow to help the potatoes grow.  Do you know if this is accurate?  I started tossing dirt on the side at the top of the picture but kind of stopped.  I think I should continue to do it.

Strawberries #1 4/12/2016


My strawberries are growing really nice.  You can’t tell very clearly, I’ll have to remember to take a close up picture so you can see the strawberries clearly.

Strawberries #2 4/12/2016


Milk Thistle 4/12/2016

Milk Thistle

I’ve been reading up on some herbal/ home remedies to healthier lifestyles and started growing Milk Thistle from seed.  This is supposed to be good for the liver and kidney and have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties.  It was one of the suggestions made to help reduce fibroids.  I thought it would be fun to grow them and see what happens.  I planted these 4/1/2016 and you can already start to see the seeds sprouting.

Basil 4/12/2016


And I felt the same about basil.  I love basil, especially fresh with balsamic vinegar and tomatoes and mozzarella.  Of course, I shouldn’t have mozzarella anymore but I can use basil in a lot of stuff.  I haven’t been successful growing basil so this is an experiment.  I planted these on 4/1 too but they aren’t sprouting yet.  I think it takes longer for basil to sprout.

On the quilty side of life…

One of my goals for 2016 is to finish 6 quilts.  This has been on my goal list for the previous 2 years and I didn’t accomplish it.

In 2014, I finished 4 quilts.

In 2015, I finished 3 quilts.

I’ve always been happy to just finish something.  This year, I’m on track to finish 6 quilts.  I finished 2 already and there are 3 more that are ready to be quilted.  So I’m working on piecing quilt #6 – Celtic Solstice.  This is the only project I’m working on right now that’s in the piecing stage.  The problem is, I get really tired working on 1 project at a time.  Especially a project like Celtic Solstice with a hundred million little pieces.  I’m now ready to put my next UFO back into rotation and that is Missing Ivy.

Missing Ivy Blocks A and B placed Design Floor 11/2/2015

Missing Ivy
Blocks A and B placed
Design Floor

It’s really almost done too and may surpass Celtic Solstice to the finishing stage.



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  1. Yes, you have to keep adding dirt to the potatoes as the plant grows! You might want to separate these plants into separate containers. They need room to grow!
    Gorgeous quilt!

  2. Sounds like there might be a race to the finish but no matter it sounds like you win either way! Thanks for joining up with us at #scraptastictuesday

  3. Love seeing your garden. It’s so perfect for growing things out there. Here, things freeze in the winter, or drown in the summer. We had some mild winters and I kept my rosemary going for 3 years and then it froze, and the next one froze. I’m not replacing it. I never grew basil from seed, always bought a plant, but it doesn’t survive the cold, either, so no more of that or pineapple sage. The mint is trying to come back, though. I can’t get the hang of growing anything here, even tomatoes. Even zucchini, and who can’t grow zucchini?

    You are doing an amazing job of finishing this year. Celtic Solstice has moved along a lot, so it can go on the back burner until it’s exciting again. Maybe it’s time to start a new table topper or baby quilt, just for something new!

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