A very happy birthday to the girl..

First, an update on my cross stitch projects.  It is still Thursday. 🙂

“Welcome” project –

Here’s what it looked like last week …

Welcome project Cross Stitch 6/16/2016

Welcome project
Cross Stitch

Here’s what it looks like now …

Welcome Finished! 7/14/2016


I bought the floss I needed to finish this project and there it is!  All done!  I’m so happy to get this very long UFO off my plate!  But first, I need to get it framed.  I may have asked this on a previous post so I’m sorry.  Do I need to wash it?  There is a bit of stain above and below the project but once this is framed, it will not be visible.  Should I still try to clean it or simply leave it in since it might be cut off at the framers?


“Mama’s Bukid” …

Here’s what it looked like last week…

Mama's Bukid 7/6/2016

Mama’s Bukid

Here’s what it looks like now…

Mama's Bukid 7/14/2016

Mama’s Bukid

Third row is done and next up is the 4th row! 🙂

Just wanted to give a shout out to my birthday girl!  We’re going to go to the teahouse and spend 3-5 hours at one of the longest teatimes ever.  I can’t remember what it is called but when we asked them about it at one of our previous visits they said it is a bunch of different courses and takes over 3 hours.  We didn’t have the time then but when I asked the girl what she wanted to do on her birthday, that’s what she came up with.  Well, she also wanted to go to a spa but since she has cheer practice tonight, she didn’t want to spend the day at the spa on her birthday.  We decided to go to the Korean day spa on Saturday instead.  That’s going to be exciting.  If you’ve never been to a Korean day spa, no bathing suits or coverings allowed.  It’s basically a bunch of women of all ages completely nude.  I’ve gone a few times and once I got over the weirdness of it, I realized that I was the only one feeling weird.  Everyone else was just relaxing or washing themselves.  In addition to the various pools, the spa has different rooms of different temperatures and different items in the room.  It’s been awhile since the last time I was there so I can’t remember each different thing but it will be the girls first time and she is very excited about going.

~Happy quilting friends!


My Goal for 2016 for cross stitching is to get the “welcome” project done and get started on my farm piece.

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  1. Happy Birthday to the Birthday girl! Enjoy your tea experience. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t handle the Korean spa 😉 Your projects are coming along nicely!

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