Monday makings and to do’s, 9/18!

I was supposed to take another class on Saturday and to be honest, I’m tired of classes.  I enjoy taking classes but I think 3 back to back was just too much.  I’ll have to keep that in mind next time. But the class this past Saturday was cancelled so I was able to take an unplanned break.  I played with my embroidery machine and made a couple of labels for some secret projects I’m working on.

And on to my crafty plans this week…

Last’s week’s tasks and accomplishments:

  1. quilting
    • Secret Project #1 – Label and wash this – HALF DONE… THE LABEL IS READY. I NEED TO HAND STITCH IT ON TO THE BACK OF THE QUILT.
    • Embroidery machine – play with the machine while it is out. – DONE
    • A Rainbow Garden – Work on this for Slow Stitch Sunday – NOT DONE
    • Raining Cats and Dogs – Hand quilt this. My goal for the month is to do all of the cream quilting for the third row. – NOT DONE
    • Civil War Diary Quilt – do one block – NOT DONE
  2. Knitting
    • Kimono sweater – Finish garter of the left sleeve – DONE. I actually seamed the sleeve and side of the sweater. I’m not actually sure if “seamed” is the right word but they are attached and I’m not working on the garter stitches of the collar.  I need 4-7″ of this and I’m not sure how long this will take.  I’ve got almost 200 stitches on the needles at this point and it takes forever to just do one row!
    • Starting Point Shawl – knit 2 rows per day – DONE
    • Q Train Socks – finish the leg and start the heel – DONE
  3. Cross Stitch
    • Mama’s Bukid – finish 2 colorways this week in Row 12. – DONE. I ACTUALLY FINISHED THE WHOLE ROW!
  4. Bag Making
    • Maxwell Bag – finish covering the second handles – NOT DONE
  5. LAFS
    • Pajama Pants – NOT DONE

My List for next week:

I’ve shortened my list this week as I’m focusing my bit of crafty time on my secret projects, my 3 knitting projects listed below and my cross stitch.

  • quilting
    • Secret Project #1 – Hand stitch the label and wash the quilt.
    • A Rainbow Garden – Work on this for Slow Stitch Sunday
  • Knitting
    • Kimono sweater – I want this sweater done so I can start working on my Weasley Sweater for Kayla.  But I do not know if I can do more than 1-2 rows per day on the collar.  I think for this week, my goal is to do 1-2 rows per day and to measure how long it takes to do 1 row.  Then next week I’ll be able to figure out how long it will take me to finish 4-7 inches and if that works with my internal goal.  I want the Weasley Sweater done for Christmas so that determines my timeline for the Kimono sweater.
    • Starting Point Shawl – knit 2 rows per day
    • Q Train Socks – These socks are for Kayla and she likes a slightly longer foot than me.  Her feet are a smidge bigger.  So I normally knit about 44 rounds on the foot for me and I decided to work towards 48 rounds.  At which point, I’ll have her try it on to see if she likes it or not.  I’ve worked it out that I want to do 4 sets of a 2 round patter (8 rounds) per day.  It’s going to be difficult because I timed it over the weekend and it takes me about an hour to do all of that.  I’m planning to do a set in the morning, a set during my morning break, a set during my afternoon break, and a set in the evening.  I hope to get the foot done this week and then get the toes done next week.
  • Cross Stitch
    • Mama’s Bukid – finish 2 colorways this week in Row 13.  Since I finished Row 12 last week, any additional work is now gravy for this month.  I worked it out and there are 8 colorways in Row 13.  I’m actually enjoying cross stitching right now and I work on it about 2-3 times per week.  I hope to keep at it as I have Row 13, Row 14 and then just a bit into Row 15 left to finish the first page.

Mama’s Bukid

~Happy Crafting!


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