Crafting with friends

It’s so nice to craft with other crafters once in a while.  Yesterday, I went to a UFO party and took a number of older projects with me.

First, I tackled this …


I don’t even have a name for this project.  When I still had my mid-arm I was practicing on this.  I simply slapped two pieces of one yard fabric that I liked (with batting in the middle) and quilted it with the mid-arm.  I can’t remember exactly but I think it was this piece that told me I had a problem with the frame and the machine.  Anyway, I don’t have the mid-arm anymore and this piece was just laying around waiting for me to trim and bind it.  At the UFO party last night, I trimmed it and got the binding on one side of the quilt.  I plan on getting the other side done pretty soon.  I don’t know what I’ll be doing with this quilt yet but I think it will be waiting for the right recipient.

The second project I tackled was this:

an old pillowcase

Many years ago, (around 10), I made and gave away pillowcases for Christmas.  I had a handful at the end of it that I never finished.  I probably had 2-3 cut and ready to be pieced.  Those have since made their way into other projects or into my scrap stash.  This particular piece was all pieced together except for the final french seam.  I just never got back to it and it sat around since then.  I pulled it out one of the times I organized my stash recently and it was in my UFO bag.  Today it is finished!  woohoo!

And finally, my third project:

The Maxwell Bag handle

This is one handle for my Maxwell Bag.  I finally finished sewing the fabric together on the handle.  Here’s how the Maxwell Bag currently looks:

Now that the handles are done, I can continue with the finishing steps.

It was a fun and productive night.  I hope to do it again and in the meantime, I will go through and pull out some old UFOs to work on at the next party.

~Happy Crafting



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