Grassy Creek, Part 3.c – finished

Here are the important links: Bonnie’s Blog, Bonnie’s Website, Grassy Creek Tab

Clue 3 is finally finished. It took me 3 weekends and that’s pretty much the norm when working on Bonnie’s mystery quilts.

Grassy Creek Clue 3 – finished 12/26/2020

Clue 2 – 12/12/2020

Grassy Creek, Clue 2 Finished December 12, 2020

Clue 1 – 12/5/2020

Grassy Creek Clue 1 Finished 12/5/2020

Happy quilting friends!


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  1. I finished clue 4 Sunday, it was tough. I think it’s because the colors are so dull, but I know I like the combination of them all. Hoping to start on 5 today, yay orange!

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