2021 – Tops to be quilted

Here are all the quilt tops I have ready to be quilted.

Staycation 9/22/18

I still need to prepare backing and the batting.

Good Fortune 1/6/2020

Part of the hold up (other than being scared of the Q20, and moving, and 2020) was that I didn’t know what design I wanted to use with the Q20. So I dillied and dallied.

Glam Clam Finished Top 1/13/2020

Back in the summer, I was given the opportunity to purchase some used quilting rulers. And they’ve been sitting here unused. After some thought and consternation, I decided to eff it all and stop thinking too hard on this. These are not show quilts nor are they the perfect quilts. I enjoyed working on them and love how they turned out. But I don’t need to have the perfect quilting motif.

SoCal Quilt Run 2012 Area 4 Mystery Quilt Kind of June 22, 2020

So the plan for 2021 is to take each ruler and use it on these quilts. I’ll put some effort in that I’ll match what I feel is a good design with the quilt. But that’s it. I don’t want another year to go by before I get theses quilted.

Goal #1- Use the Q20 and get comfortable quilting with it.

Goal #2- Learn how to quilt with a ruler especially the rulers I have. I’d like to take a ruler class when we can do those again and learn tricks and techniques. Until then, I’ll check out YouTube for the tutorials.

SoCal Quilt Run 2012 Area 4 Mystery Quilt Kind of Sept, 2020

So now that that’s been decided, I’m ready to move on to the next step. Prepare the backing.

Provence ~ BOM at my LS – top finished in 2019 (I think)

And then prepare the batting. I have a roll of batt so I will do these all at once. Somewhere I have measurements on all these quilts. But rather than look for those measurements I’m just going to re-measure. And then add the necessary inches to all the sides and cut the batting. I like big quilts so this is not an easy thing to do. But necessary.

There is one extra quilt top not pictured here. I didn’t even piece this quilt. At one of the August treasure hunts my Quilt guild hosts, I purchased a finished top for something like $5. My intention at the time was to use the quilt to practice Free Motion Quilting. Life just got in the way and it sat. That quilt will be finished this year. 🙂

Goal #3- Basting – Settle in a technique that works for me. I haven’t had to baste in years. We’ll really baste. I basted Celtic Solstice some how. I don’t remember. But I’m sure I was on the floor pinning and so don’t want to do that anymore. I had been renting time in a long arm which meant I didn’t have to baste and other than Celtic Solstice all the other quilts ready to be quilted have been waiting. I tried spray basting a long time. And I saw some great YouTube tutorials. I’ll try it out and if I love how it turns out I’ll share the tutorial with you. Until then,

~Happy Quilting!


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